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  1. Does the city operator’s policy govern both city owned vehicles and privately owned vehicles?
    Yes, the policy covers city owned vehicles as well as privately owned vehicles used for city business
  2. Is the COP just cause for discipline?
    Yes, it is cause for discipline up to termination
  3. Define the fleet safety officer? Who appoints this position?
    The fleet safety officer is responsible for managing the city operators permit policy. This position is appointed by the city of Albuquerque risk manager.
  4. Does the COP cover volunteers conducting city business?
    Yes, it covers volunteers conducting city business.
  5. Define vehicle accident according to the COP
    It is defined as any collision that results in property damage or injury. This is to include failure to secure a parked vehicle and parking a vehicle in an unsafe manner. (COP 1)
  6. What are the responsibilities of the risk manager?
    • 1. Provide a defensive drivers course for city drivers
    • 2. Maintain the COP for all drivers
    • 3. Maintain statistical data involving accidents
    • 4. Designate and supervise a fleet safety officer or perform those duties
  7. What are the responsibilities of the fleet safety officer?
    • 1. Implement and manage the COP
    • 2. Create accident and incident reports
    • 3. Issue, suspend, and revoke a driver’s COP
    • 4. Receive and investigate citizen complaints
  8. What are the responsibilities of the supervisors?
    • 1. Require drivers to have their state drivers license and COP
    • 2. Submit accident reports or incident reports no later than the end of the shift
    • 3. Confiscate COP’s from drivers
    • 4. Prevent drivers to operate a vehicle when in violation of the COP
  9. A supervisor shall prevent a driver from driving on official city business when what?
    • 1. Instructed to disallow driving by the department director
    • 2. The supervisor observes driver misconduct
    • 3. The driver is involved in an accident while on city business
    • 4. Any citations, arrests,
    • 5. the driver is physically or mentally unfit
  10. What are the responsibilities of the drivers?
    • 1. Perform safety checks
    • 2. Immediately report to supervisors any citations, arrests, or violations of the law
    • 3. Inform of any traffic citations in or out of state
    • 4. Report any changes to licensure
    • 5. Report any medical condition in writing that would affect their ability to drive safely
    • 6. Report to supervisors immediately of an accident
    • 7. Cooperate with the investigation of an accident or incident
    • 8. Wear seat belts
  11. Is it required that all notifications for citation, suspension, revocation, or cancellation be submitted in writing?
    Yes, within 1 work day
  12. is the minimum age and minimum experience level for a COP?
    18 years old with 2 years of driving experience
  13. How often does the fleet safety manager review MVD records of all city employees’?
    At least once every 30 days
  14. How far back does the fleet safety manager review MVD records for traffic violations?
    12 months
  15. How many points are allowed before a COP is revoked by the fleet safety manager
    12 points over a 12 month period must automatically surrender their COP. If a driver accumulates 9 points they may lose their COP. (COP 8)
  16. Can the fleet safety officer add more points in addition to the driver’s MVD record? If so, what would be the case?
    Preventable accidents and driver misconduct Correct
  17. Records of driver misconduct, license suspension, revocation, or a preventable accident may remain in the driver’s COP file for how long? Is this letter considered when driving privileges are in question?
    The letter remains in the employee’s COP file for 36 months and it is considered when driving privileges are in question.
  18. Define major and minor accidents.
    · Major accidents: immediate medical treatment and/or vehicle or property damage is $2,500 dollars or more

    · Minor accidents: immediate medical treatment and/or vehicle or property damage is less than $2,500 dollars
  19. Where shall minor accident documentation be sent?
    Minor accident documentation shall be sent to their respective department accident review committee. If there was a previous accident within one year the accident documentation shall go to the fleet safety manager for review.
  20. All major accident documentation is submitted to whom?
    The fleet safety manager
  21. Department accident review committees shall investigate all minor accidents and determine if the accident was preventable or not preventable by using what guidelines?
    The National Safety Council guidelines
  22. Does a citizen report of improper driving constitute driver misconduct?
    No, the conduct must be witnessed by a city supervisor, the fleet safety officer, or accident investigator
  23. What guidelines does the fleet safety officer utilize to classify preventable and non-preventable accidents?
    The fleet safety officer uses the national safety council guidelines, the same as the department accident review committees.
  24. When can an employee have their revoked COP reinstated?
    An employee can have their revoked COP reinstated if their points fall below 10.
  25. What is the procedure an employee must follow if an accident occurs?
    • 1. The driver must immediately contact their supervisor and the police.
    • 2. The driver shall not leave the scene until the police have completed their investigation.
    • 3. Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than police, supervisor, or any representative from risk management.
  26. How much time does an employee have to regain a lost driver’s license? Who will notify the employee of this?
    The department director will notify the employee that they have up to 90 days from the day of loss to regain their license/certification.
  27. Examinations or drug test for drivers may be conducted for what reasons?
    • 1. Prior to employment
    • 2. Transfer or promoted
    • 3. Reasonable suspicion, mentally or physical incapable
    • 4. In the event of injury, surgery, or illness
    • 5. Any leave for more than 5 days
    • 6. Any purpose deemed necessary by the CAO or human resource director.
  28. Define injuries requiring immediate medical treatment.
    Profuse bleeding, broken bones, shock, and unconsciousness (Injury Time)
  29. Is it correct to say the light duty program is restricted to employees whose status is permanent?
    Correct (Light Duty)
  30. What department administers the light duty program
    The risk management division of the department of finance and management (Light Duty)
  31. What is the maximum duration of light duty? Can this be extended?
    The duration is 45 days unless an extension is granted by the medical director as being medically necessary.
  32. What 4 departments identify light duty functions?
    • 1. The employees department
    • 2. The employee health service manager
    • 3. The medical director
    • 4. The department of human resources
  33. What 3 departments identify modified duty positions?
    • 1. The receiving department
    • 2. The human resources departmentRisk management
  34. What three things does the sexual harassment policy look at to determine if sexual harassment exists?
    • 1. The frequency
    • 2. The severity or the conduce
    • 3. If it interferes with the work environment
  35. How soon should someone report sexual harassment and to whom?
    It should be reported to supervisors or department heads immediately or to the employee equity manager within 180 days of the incident. (Harassment)
  36. What are the three levels available to report sexual harassment? Name them.
    • 1. Local level: human rights office
    • 2. State level: human rights of NM
    • 3. Federal level: EEOC
  37. Who is available to discuss possible sexual harassment incidents and explain options?
    The employee equity office 764-1040
  38. What is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace?
  39. Who has the responsibility of conducting an investigation of the violent incidents? This process is in accordance with what procedure or policy? Where is this policy obtained?
    It is the responsibility of the supervisor to conduct the investigation. This process is mandated by supervisory development training. This material is available at the employee health services. (Violence in the Work Place)
  40. How many days does a supervisor have to conduct an investigation of a violent incident? What three things are required in this report?
    • The supervisor has 10 days to finalize the report. The report should include: (Violence in the Work Place)
    • 1. Acknowledgment of the employee’s complaint
    • 2. Description of the investigation
    • 3. The action initiated to abate the behavior
  41. Termination forms will be made available where and through whom and with what office?
    Termination forms will be made available through the Union Office through the Pay Master in the accounting office. (Contract 1.2.1)
  42. Who must sign the termination forms?
    What months are the forms submitted?
    The termination forms must be signed by the Union secretary of treasury.The forms must be submitted during the months of January and July only.
  43. How many additional union officers are assigned to the same schedule? The selection of this position shall be determined by whom? How many administrative hours must be fulfilled by this position?
    One additional union officer is appointed by the city. The selection is mutually agreed upon by both the city and union. This position must fulfill 20 hours of administrative duties. (Contract
  44. How many people are identified as the union’s negotiating team? What is their schedule and pay status during negotiations? This is in accordance with what directive?
    4 employees are identified as the members of the union’s negotiation team as per the city’s administrative directive. These employees shall be placed on a 40 hour work week on paid status. (Contract
  45. What is the length of meetings? When is the agenda submitted?
    Meetings do not exceed 2 hours and agendas must be submitted 5 working days in advance. (Contract
  46. Who receives assignment pay for negotiations?
    Bargaining unit members will receive $50 dollars per pay period for non-field positions less than 56 hours. (Contract 2.8.1)
  47. What is the percentage the city contributes for health care premiums?
  48. What percentage does the city contribute for PERA?
  49. When converting sick leave or vacation to different work week schedules, what is the conversion formula?
    (New Accrual Rate/Old Accrual Rate) x (Old Balance) = New Balance
  50. What are the maximum accruals for sick leave?
    • · 56 hour: 2160 hours
    • · 42 hour: 1512 hours
    • · 40 hour: 1440 hours
  51. How many holidays are there? What are they?
    • 1. New Years Day January 1st
    • 2. Martin Luther King 3rd Monday in January
    • 3. Presidents Day 3rd Monday in February
    • 4. Memorial Day Last Monday in May
    • 5. Independence Day July 4th
    • 6. Labor Day 1st Monday in September
    • 7. Veterans Day November 11th
    • 8. Thanksgiving 4th Thursday in November
    • 9. Day after Thanksgiving 4th Friday in November
    • 10. Christmas Day 25th of December
    • 11. Employees Birthday
  52. What are the sick leave conversions for a 56 hour work week?
    Over 1400 3 to 2

    Over 1008 2 to 1

    Over 700 3 to 1
  53. What month can employees cash in on their sick leave balances?
  54. What are the maximum paid hours of military leave for organized units?
    528 paid hours per calendar year is maximum leave for organized units. (Contract 7.6)
  55. What are the maximum paid hours of military leave for un-organized units?
    240 paid hours per calendar year is maximum leave for un-organized units.
  56. What are the maximum paid hours of military leave for un-organized units?
    240 paid hours per calendar year is maximum leave for un-organized units.
  57. When are employees permitted to vote during work hours? What are the circumstances?
    Employees have 2 hours paid leave to vote. The circumstances are if the shift begins within 2 hours of the polls opening or if the shift ends within three hours prior to the polls closing. (Contract 9.5)
  58. How many days in advance must the chief give the union for altering work schedules?
    15 days
  59. How much comp time do key employees assigned to the 40 hour work week accrue? What are the conditions?
    They accrue 16 hours per month for answering their work phone while on and off duty
  60. How often will the city establish a department wide seniority list? Where must it be posted and for how long? The city provides a copy to whom for posting?
    The seniority list is established quarterly and shall be posted on union bulletin boards for a period no less than 30 days. The city provides a copy to the union secretary
  61. What is the maximum number of employees allowed on any trade of shift agreement?
    3 are allowed. 4 are allowed for the alarm room.
  62. What happens if an employee who agreed to work a trade of shift reports off for any reason?
    • 1. If overtime is generated the employee will be docked at time and one half or pay back a shift without pay as per the chief, and subject to discipline
    • 2. If overtime is not generated the employee will be docked at straight time or pay back a shift without pay as per the chief, and subject to discipline
    • 3. If immediate family is hospitalized they shall not be docked time. Sick or vacation time will be granted with doctor’s note.
  63. Within how many days is a trade of shift repaid?
    180 days
  64. How much money is an employee entitled to if their glasses are damaged while on duty?
    $200 dollars
  65. Who are the 5 people that sign the contract between the labor organization and the city?
    • 1. The mayor
    • 2. The city attorney
    • 3. The city clerk
    • 4. The union president
    • 5. The city chapter vice president
  66. Who has the responsibility of conducting an investigation of the violent incidents? What three things are required in this report?
    • It is the responsibility of the supervisor to conduct the investigation. The report should include: (COC)
    • 1. Acknowledgment of the employee’s complaint
    • 2. Description of the investigation
    • 3. The action initiated to abate the behavior
  67. Who do employees report suspicious activity use of a city computer?
    Suspicious activity use of a city computer is reported to their direct supervisor. If the computer is under direct control of ISD, the violation is reported to the chief information officer in ISD. (COC)
  68. Violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to what Amount of Jail time and monitary fine?
    A Violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action and up to termination. A Violation of the Code of Conduct for a former employee is a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of $500 dollars and/or 90 days in jail.
  69. Who directed who to promulgate directives to implement a city substance abuse policy?
  70. Alcohol concentration is the alcohol in a volume of breath expressed in term of how many grams of alcohol per liters of breath?
    is expressed in grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.
  71. According to SAP policy, what are the three things that define accident?
    • 1. An individual dies
    • 2. Bodily injury which receives immediate treatment away from the scene of an accident
    • 3. Damage to a vehicle which requires towing
  72. According to policy, how much and what kinds of training will non-supervisory employees receive
    60 min minnimum
  73. Employees are prohibited from consuming alcohol for how many hours following involvement in an accident or until he/she submits to the post accident drug/alcohol test, whichever is first?
    8 hours
  74. According to the substance abuse policy, are employees required to notify the city of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the work place?
    Yes, it is required to be reported within 5 days after such conviction.
  75. If an applicant fails a drug test they are not allowed to re apply for a period of how long?
    If an applicant fails a drug test they are not allowed to re apply for a period of 1 year.
  76. For safety sensitive employees on extended leave for a period of how long are required to take a drug test regardless of reason.
    It is for an extended leave of 90 days or more.
  77. What two criteria are in place to validate the method of random drug selections
    • 1. The randomly selected employees shall be spread reasonably throughout the calendar year
    • 2. The selection shall not be less than 50% of the total number of employees in the pool.
  78. What are the five pools of safety sensitive employees?
    • a. Designated by the federal transit authority
    • b. Commercial class other than the federal transit authority
    • c. Public safety employees
    • d. Narcs (only ones in two pools)
    • e. Designated by the director of the human resource department
  79. What three things happen after an employee tests positive and is notified?
    • a. ceases the employee’s job function
    • b. Referred to the SAP
    • c. Termination
  80. Is termination or other disciplinary action subject to appeal under the provisions of the merit system ordinance?
  81. What is the split sample test in accordance with?
    49 CFR Part 40
  82. When can an employee self refer into the employee assistance program (EAP)?
    The employee may self refer anytime except 24 hours after an accident or being notified of a drug test.
  83. How many days does the employee have to be compliant with the EAP program
    The employee must complete the program within 90 calendar days after self referral
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