chapter 7 quiz 2 22-42

  1. diffusion
    when atoms or molecules move in gradient from area of higher density or concentration to are of lower density or concentraction

    • evenly distrubutes
    • duffusion of molecules depend majorly on concentration gradient
  2. facilitated diffusion
    movement of molecules from an area of higher concentraction and requires carrier protien
  3. active transport
    transports against the diffusion concentratraction gradient or in same direction

    requires specific membrane proteins
  4. endocytosis
    • form of active transport include
    • phagocytosis- cell eating
    • pinocytosis-cell drinking
  5. psychrophile
    microragnisms that has an optimum temp of below 15 and capable of growth at 0 degrees
  6. psychotrophil
    grows slowly in cold optimum temp of 20 degrees
  7. mesophiles
    • grows in intermediate temps
    • optimum temp -
  8. thermophiles
    • range-45-80 degrees
    • optimum 45

    hyperthermophiles range 80-120 degrees
  9. aerobe
    can use gaseous oxygen
  10. obligate aerobe
    can not grow with out oxygen
  11. facculative anaerobe
    prefers oxygen but can grow with out it
  12. microaerobe
    requires a small amount of oxygen
  13. anaerobe
    lacks the enzyme to use oxygen
  14. strict obligate anaerobe
    will die if exsposed to oxygen
  15. aerotolerat anaerobe
    DOES not use oxygen but can grow around it
  16. carbon dioxide
    • requireded by all microbes
    • capnophiles grow in high co2 enviroments
  17. optimum ph levels
  18. obilgate acidophile
    requires high acidity
  19. osmophile
    lives in habitats with high solute concentration
  20. halophiles
    prefer high salt concentraction
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chapter 7 quiz 2 22-42
chapeter 7 quiz 2 22-42