module e

  1. What is a centrifuge
    a machine used to "spin down" blood into a liquid portion and cellular portion
  2. Procedure for applying a tourniquet
    should be placed 3 to 4 inches above elbow and should not be left on longer then 60 seconds
  3. Procedure for balancing a centrifuge
    the specimen tube and another tube should be placed directly across from each other and should be of even weight
  4. Main veins used for venipuncture
    cephalic, basliac, and antebucteal
  5. When whole blood is centrifuged goes to top
  6. What is quality assurance
    it evaluates the quality of each test and it protects the medical assistant
  7. If objective lens of microscope is set at x100 what is the total of magnification
    1,000 because 10 * 100 = 1,000
  8. What does chemistry test for
    serum, plasma, and body fluids
  9. Can chemistry be tested with tissues
  10. serology is
    serum, plasma, and immune response
  11. rapid strep is a CLIA test
  12. urinalysis is done to detect what
    infection, pregnancy, blood in urine, kidneys, and DM
  13. Collecting a 24 hr specimen is done for what reason
    to test kidney function
  14. Why do you not use the first voiding on the first morning of a 24 hr urine test
    because you only need one first morning void - so you use the second mornings first void
  15. Lancents are what
    constructed to puncture skin at various depths
  16. Which tube has no additives
    the plain red top tube
  17. When should you release a tourniquet from a pt on a blood draw
    on the filling of the last tube
  18. Name CLIA waived tests done in a POL
    rapid strep, mono, pregnancy, u/a, and hematocrit
  19. What information is placed on your lab req forms
    physicans name, pt info, tests ordered and insurance info
  20. Explain fasting bloodwork
    you cannot eat for 12 hours before the test, the only thing you can have is water
  21. Regant strip detects what
    the presence and amount of substance in urine

    ^ this is the direct answer on the test
  22. Gloucose tolerance test is testing for
    Dm and its a timed test
  23. Explain 2 hr post paradial test
    just tests for diabetes

    ^ direct answer on test
  24. HDL is
    bad cholesterol

    high density lipoproteins
  25. LDL is
    good cholesterol

    low density lipoproteins
  26. "buffy coat" consists of
    RBC's and platelets
  27. CBC is collected in what color tube
    lavendar top tube *****
  28. Sweet smelling, fruity odor in urine says what
    Sign of diabetes mellitus (DM)
  29. First morning void specimen is what
    the most concentrated or most potent because it has sat
  30. Bilirubin in urine detects what disorder
    a liver disorder
  31. Specific gravity is what
    the kidneys ability to concentrate urine

    "thickness of urine"
  32. Supernatant is
    the liquid portion of specimen

    top liquid portion that has been centrifuged
  33. Name of the test that measures your gloucose levels over the last three months
    HgA1c or glysosylated hemoglobin test
  34. ESR test measures?
    how fast RBC's settle to the bottom of a tube
  35. Viewable reactions in a seriological test are
    lysis, agglutination, and precipitation
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