Control of Microbes

  1. Sterlization
    • Process by destroying/removing all viable organisms on inanimate objects
    • i.e. heat
  2. Disinfection
    • Destroy vegetative cells on inanimate surfaces
    • i.e. chemical suspended in H2O- Bleach
  3. Sanitization
    • Cleansing technique to reach public health codes, mainly to reduce microbial load
    • i.e. Soaps and detergents
  4. Antiseptic
    Chemicals applied to animate surfaces for prevention of infection and spread
  5. Degermination
    • Cleansing technique on animate surfaces
    • -more rigorous
  6. Decontamination
    Destruction, removal or reduction in number of undersized microorganisms
  7. Cide

    To kill

    To stand still
  8. Death of microorganism
    Loss of reproductive capabilities even under optimal conditions
  9. 90% of all infectious diseases are these 6.
    • Pneumonia
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Diarrhoea
    • TB
    • Malaria
    • Measles
  10. Chemotherapudic Agent
    Any chemical used in the treatment, relief or prevention of a disease
  11. Antimicrobial
    All inclussive regardless of origin
  12. Antibiotic
    Naturally produced
  13. Normal flora
    Indiginous microorganisms- often have mutual or commercial associations with host
  14. Trascient flora
    Come and go, loose attachments
  15. Resident flora
    Flora that escape immune detection
  16. True Pathogens
    • Cause disease in a healthy host with normal immune defenses
    • i.e. salmonella
  17. Opportunistic Pathogens
    • Host needs to have compromised immune system
    • *Most fall under this category
  18. Infection
    Entry, establishment and multiplication of an organism host
  19. Disease
    Deviation from health inflicted damage, dissruption of tissue
  20. Endemic spread
    Steady freq. in particular geographic location for a long time
  21. Sporadic Spread
    Occassional cases at irregular intervals and/or locations
  22. Epidemic
    Increase in endemic and sporadic greater than expected
  23. Pandemic
    World wide epidemic
  24. Prevelance
    Accumulated total of exisiting cases with respect to entire population
  25. Incidence
    Number of new cases dictated by certain time period
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