220 CIMS

  1. 220-01 Organizational Structure
    Command Element will begin establishing an incident management organization. The Command Element may activate the appropriate Sections to manage the major CIMS functional areas, what are they?
    • -Operations
    • -Planning
    • -Logistics
    • -Finance/Administration
  2. 220-01 Organizational Structure
    Who when necessary, delegates authority and assign personnel to General Staff
    Sections and / or Command Staff positions to manage the performance of
    the tasks / functions that have been delegated and supervise the personnel
    to whom the tasks were assigned?
  3. 220-01 Organizational Structure
    The Command Element may activate the appropriate Sections to manage the major CIMS functional areas. Which Section is optional ?
    Intelligence / Investigations
  4. The Command Staff are?
    • Public Information Officer
    • Liaison Officer
    • Safety Officer
  5. 220-02(3 and 4) Primary Agency Matrix
    How may the Command Element be structure?
    • In one of two ways
    • -Single Command
    • -Unified Command
  6. 220-02(3 and 4) Primary Agency Matrix
    Who will co-locate at one Incidenet Command Post to work together to Execute intergrated tactical operations, Maximize resources, and Determine - objectives, Strategies, Plans, and Priorities?
    Agency Incident Commanders
  7. 220-02(3 and 4) Primary Agency Matrix
    In addition to Primary Agencies like NYPD and FDNY which have jurisdiction over most emergency incidents, there are 2 additional designations for other agencies that may be involved, what are they?
    • -Potential Primary Agencies
    • -Subject Matter Expert Agencies
  8. - The NYPD will be the Primary Agency at CBRN/HAZMAT incidents. If NYPD determines there is NO actual or suspected criminal activity OR terrorism a ___________ will be implemented
    Unified Command
    Will assess incident, including briefing by previous COMMAND ELEMENT, and notify
    • P - Patrol Borough
    • D - Desk Officer
    • C - Communications Division
    • O - Operations Unit
  10. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Which operation is not normally commenced until Investigative Operations are finished to avoid interfering with Investigative Operations?
    • Recovery/Restoration Operations.
    • *However, it CAN be done concurrently with Investigative AND/OR Life Safety.
  11. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Utilize Management by Objective and determine what three things?
    • 1. Incident Objectives
    • 2. Strategies
    • 3. Tactical Direction
  12. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Regarding Resources- Determine required number of Kind and Type , direct prompt response to Staging Area(s) and ensure they are checked-in and organized HOW?
    • -Single Resources
    • -Resource Teams
    • -Special Response Teams
    • **MAINTAIN adequate reserves
  13. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Immediately begin coordinating activities of all involved governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and private entities. Do NOT wait for a representative from NYC's Coordinating Agency to begin inter-agency coordinaiton. Who is NYC's Coordinating Agency?
    NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
  14. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Incident Command Post -
    In a Unified Command, how is the location and establishment of the Incident Command Post done?
    Jointly by Agency Incident Commanders
  15. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    -Regarding the COMMAND STAFF, who has authority to designate LIAISON OFFICER in BOTH Single and Unified commands?
    -Who has authority to designate Public Information Officer in a Unified Command?
    • -OEM
    • -Mayor's Press Office
  16. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    In a Unified Command, the Agency Incident Commanders will jointly select 1 single chief for EACH activated General Staff Section except for ?
    Operations Section
  17. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    • -Single Command at a CBRN/HAZMAT
    • -Unified Command ANYTIME
  18. 220-05 COMMAND ELEMENT
    Each of the Primary Agencies with tactical operations responsibility and a relevant Core Competency will designate an Agency Operations Section Chief. IF the Agency Incident Commanders agree, they may select ?
    1 (one) Single Operatoins Section Chief
  19. 220-6,7,8,14,15 COMMAND STAFF
    Command Staff Consists of (P ublicSchool.S afety Liaison Officer )
  20. 220-6,7,8,14,15 COMMAND STAFF
    The COMMAND STAFF reports directly to the COMMAND ELEMENT. Of the three Command Staff positions, which is NOT told to "establish a work location at or in the vicinity of the INCIDENT COMMAND POST"?
    Public Informantion Officer
  21. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF


  22. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    The Operations Section Post will be located?
    Located within Site Access Control/Outer Perimeter
  23. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    When does a Operations Section Chief
    -Direct all tactical operations?
    -Direct tactical operations re: Agency's Core Competencies?
    • -Single Command- Command Element
    • -Unified Command-Command Element
  24. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    The Operations Section Chief is directly involved in preparing the Incident Plan. He/she is also responsible for Site Management, Air Operations, Prisoners and Staging Areas. With regard to Staging Areas, different Agencies may have 1 or more separate Staging Areas. NYPD will have 1 Staging Area UNLESS?
    • -Specialized resources
    • -Size of event/personnel
    • -Several Operational Periods
    • -Confidential/Sensitive resources required
    • -Or other factors dictate otherwise.
  25. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Who is responsible to supervise the preparation of the Demobilization Plan and Incident Action Plan for each Operational Period?
    Planning Section Chief
  26. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Planning Section Chief regarding the the Incident Action Plan, it may be verbal or written. BUT must be written if ?
    • There is a:
    • -Unified Command – Command Element
    • -or, it will be more than one (1) Operational Period.
  27. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    The Logistics Section Chief will request the activation of "Dual Dispatch System." Explain this.
    • -High Priority Calls for service are routed to INCIDENT PERSONNEL
    • -Low Priority Calls go to Non-Incident Personnel.
  28. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    For what reason is the Communications Section Platoon Commander notified by the Logistics Section Chief?
    Regarding all Emergency Public Information.
  29. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Who will activate, operate and supervise the Incident Communications Center at Incident Command Post?
    Logistics Section Chief
  30. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Logistics Section Chief activate when necessary, Service Units and Support Units , name each.
    • Service Units:
    • a. Communications Unit
    • b. Medical Unit
    • c. Food Unit
    • Support Units:
    • a. Supply Unit
    • b. Ground Support Unit
    • c. Facilities Unit
  31. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    -The following unit is generally not activated in NYC however, the Logistics Section Chief may activate it specifically during large incidents that will continue for a significant period of time, or for a CBRN / HazMat incident.
    Medical Unit
  32. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    The Logistics Section Chief may activate the following unit during an extremely large incident that will continue for a significant period of time
    Food Unit
  33. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Logistics Section Chief-
    Absent extraordinary circumstances following will not be activated in New York City. However, ________might be activated during anextremely large incident that that will require incident personnel to be lodged for an extended period of time in the vicinity of the incident.
  34. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Logistics Section Chief-
    If requested resources have not promptly responded, notify?
    • -Patrol Borough Office, Borough of occurrence
    • -Operations Unit
    • -NYPD Emergency Operations Center, if activated
  35. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    If minimal Finance / Administration activity is required, e.g., tracking overtime costs and ensuring overtime is properly coded, this function may be performed by?
    Technical Specialist assigned to the Planning Section instead of activating the Finance / Administration Section.
  36. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    Who is responsible to manage the Memoranda of Understanding between agencies?
  37. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    will select location for Finance/Administration Section at the Incident Command Post, or?
    Off incident site, e.g., DCMB, Operations Unit, NYPD Emergency Operatoins Center.
  38. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    when there is a considerable investigative or intelligence component to the management or resolution of an incident, the Command Element should activate an Intelligence / Investigations Section as part of the General Staff. In unusual situations, when the Intelligence / Investigations function is not a considerable component of the management or resolution of an incident, it may be organized as a Branch or Group within the Operations Section rather than as a separate General Staff Section. In extremely unusual situations when the Intelligence / Investigations function is minimal, it may be organized as?
    a Command Staff position or Planning Section / Situation Unit function.
  39. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    When the Intelligence/Investigations Section is activated, a member of the Operations Section should be assigned to the Intelligence/Investigations Section Post to act as a liaison; and, a member of the Intelligence / Investigations Section should?
    be assigned to the Operations Section Post to act as a liaison.
  40. 220-09,10,11,12,13 GENERAL STAFF
    All Section Chief may have DEPUTIES which are?
    • -Counterpart to Principal
    • -Should have SAME qualifications as Section Chief
    • -Flexible role
    • -May be from different agency (e.g., significant resources assigned or significantly affected by incident)
  41. 220-16 Integrated Communications
    The Communications Plan will be part of the Incident Action Plan for each Operational Period and will be disseminated / distributed to all Agencies participating in the response. When applicable__________form, may be used to assist in the formulation of the Communications Plan.
    CIMS ICS form 205
  42. 220-16 Integrated Communications
    As a Procedural Measure, all ranking Agency members will manage the incident from ?
    one(1) single Incident Command Post
  43. 220-17 Transfer of Command
    Transfer of Command may take place under the following circumstances?
    • -Higher Ranking MOS takes over (Expanding Incident)
    • -Ranking MOS turns over command to Lower ranking supervisor (Stabilized or Demobilization Incident)
    • -New ranking MOS assumes command for a New Operational Period
    • -END OF TOUR
  44. 220-18 Incident Sequence

    Depending upon the incident type, one or more Agencies will respond. The first arriving units assess the scene and, if capable WILL?
    initiate Life Safety and Site Management Operations
  45. 220-18 Incident Sequence
    _____________may be initiated concurrently with Life SafetyOperations
    Investigative Operations
  46. 220-18 Incident Sequence
    How will the NYPD will establish appropriate perimeters as needed, and exclude non-essential personnel from the incident site?
    After consulting with the Primary Agency(ies) directing Life Safety Operations and / or Investigative Operations
  47. 220-19 Incident Facilities
    The Incident Communications Center is often located WHERE?
    within or adjacent to the Incident Command Post.
  48. 220-19 Incident Facilities
    The Operations Section Post will be established at a secure location WHERE?
    • within a reasonable distance from the Intelligence / Investigations Section Post and the Incident Command Post.
  49. 220-19 Incident Facilities
    The Intelligence/ Investigations Section Post will be established WHERE?
    at a secure location within a reasonable distance from the Operations Section Post and the Incident CommandPost.
  50. 220-20 Staging Area
    Resources situated at a Staging Area(s) may be in available status awaiting a tactical and / or investigative assignment, and should be prepared for assignment/ deployment within _______- minutes.
    three (3)
  51. 220-20 Staging Area
    Absent unusual conditions and depending upon the circumstances of the incident, generally, a Staging Area(s) should be located approximately _________minutes travel time to an area of anticipated need, assignment,deployment, etc.
    five (5)
  52. 220-20 Staging Area
    All Staging Areas are under the direction and control of the Operations Section chief, or ___________ if the Operations Section has not been activated.
    the Command Element
  53. 220-20 Staging Area
    Personnel arriving at the Staging Area(s), will “Check-In” with ___________, and supplies and equipment delivered to the Staging Area(s), will be receipted for by ______?
    • -the Resources Unit
    • -the Supply Unit
    • *If the Resources Unit and / or the Supply Unitare not activated, the Staging Area Manager(s) will give appropriate directionregarding arriving personnel and / or delivered supplies / equipment.
  54. 220-22 Demobilization
    Prior to demobilizing NYPD resources, direct_________to have the incident area and associated areas surveyed and report results to the Command Element. Enter results in ________?
    • - Operations Section chief
    • -the Incident Command Post Log
  55. 220-22 Demobilization
    Prior to demobilizing NYPD personnel and resources, obtain approval from? AND notify WHO?
    • a,The Command Element
    • b. If appropriate, the Operations Unit
    • c. or if activated, the NYPD Emergency Operations Center.

    • a. Operations Unit, or if activated, the NYPD Emergency OperationsCenter.
    • b. Precinct Desk Officer.
    • c. Patrol Borough Command concerned.
    • d. Communications Section.
    • Notify Communications Section Dispatcher and / or Supervisor regarding:
    • (1) Dual dispatching system / procedures that have been ineffect; or,
    • (2) Citywide and / or tactical interoperable / shared radiofrequencies that have been activated and / or utilized.
    • (3) Other relevant information.
  56. 220-22 Demobilization
    Who will have personnel identified who have performed in a substandard manner or an exceptional manner, and document such performance for subsequent action?
  57. 220-22 Demobilization
    Who will ensure all appropriate equipment, supplies, vehicles, etc., are properly accounted for and returned to the appropriate units; or, if appropriate,properly discarded, i.e., expendable supplies?
  58. 220-22 Demobilization
    -Where will the COMMAND ELEMENT Provide a summary of the significant incident related Occurrences?
    When appropriate, who will the COMMAND ELEMENT confer with regarding the need to conduct a NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM), multi-agency “Joint After-Action Review.”
    • -Operations Unit, or if activated, the NYPD Emergency Operations Center
    • -The Office of the Chief of Department, Operations Division,
  59. 220-24 Check In Process
    The Resources Unit will perform the Check-In function at designated incident locations but if the Resources Unit has not been activated, ____________will perform the Check-In function.
    the Planning Section chief
  60. 220-24 Check In Process
    Within NYC pursuant to CIMS, there are four (4) locations whereCheck-In may occur, what are they?
    • 1. Staging Area(s)Resources should Check-In with the Resources Unit at theStaging Area(s). If the Resources Unit is not activated, resourcesshould Check-In with the Staging Area Manager.
    • 2. Incident Command PostResources should Check-In with the Resources Unit at theIncident Command Post.
    • 3. When applicable, Intelligence / Investigations Section Post.
    • 4.Helibase(s) In NYC, Check-In may be performed at a Helibase(s);however absent extraordinary circumstances, Check-In willnot occur at a Helibase(s).
  61. 220-25 Resources
    - “Kind”: Kind refers to broad classes that characterize similar resources,such as ?
    -“Type”: Refers to the level of resource capability based upon its power, size or capacity. Resource Type is designated by?
    • KIND:
    • -teams
    • -personnel
    • -equipment
    • -supplies
    • -vehicles
    • -watercraft
    • -facilities and aircraft
    • TYPE:
    • a Roman numeral with I representing the greatest capability and IV representing the least capability.
  62. 220-25 Resources
    -RESOURCE TEAM - a combination of ?

    - SPECIAL RESPONSE TEAM - any combination and number of ?
    -the same “Kinds” and “Types” of SingleResources assembled to perform a particular tactical assignment.

    -different“Kinds” and “Types” of Single Resources assembled to perform a particular tactical assignment.
  63. 220-25 Resources
    What are the STATUS CONDITIONS?
    • 1. Assigned: Resources (personnel that have Checked-In and equipment thathas been receipted for) assigned to an incident that are performing worktasks at the incident under the direction of a supervisor.
    • 2. Available: Resources (personnel that have Checked-In and equipmentthat has been receipted for) assigned to an incident that are ready for anassignment / deployment
    • *should be ready fordeployment within three (3) minutes.
    • 3. Out-of-Service: Resources (personnel that have Checked-In andequipment that has been receipted for) assigned to an incident, that arenot able to be assigned to a work task / function or Available forassignment to a work task / function due to mechanical, rest, illness,injury, staffing, environmental, financial, etc.,
  64. What will be the source document that will be used to prepare a written Incident Action Plan (IAP), if a written IAP is necessary?
    CIMS 201 Incident Briefing Form
  65. 220-27 Incident Briefing Form
    Of the four (4) pages of the CIMS 201 Incident Briefing Form what page can be used for Map/Sketch: may be used as the Situation Map.
    Page 1- Map/Sketch: may be used as the Situation Map.
  66. 220-27 Incident Briefing Form
    Where are copies of all Incident Action Plans forwarded to and archived?
    at the Office ofthe Chief of Patrol.
  67. Span of control Guidelines
    Span of control: The number or personnel that can be effectively managed by one supervisor OR the number of subordinate elements that can be effectively managed by ONE overhead supervising organizational element. The recommended Span of Control should be from:?
    1:3 to 1:7 OR for law enforcement 1:8 to 1:10
  68. Which is required by law at a hazardous materials incident?
    Safety Officer
  69. Who will be in charge of confined space rescue, elevator emergencies, entrapment, impalement, structural collapse?
  70. Who will be in charge of water/ice recues?
  71. Who makes the final assessment of hazards and adjusts or sets hot, warm, and cold zones and directs mititgation efforts for Chemical incidents?
  72. What will be the radio frequency used at a CIMS incident?
  73. The Command Element will utilize Management by Objectives, these Objectives MUST be?
    Attainable, Measurable, Adaptable
  74. Who will maintain ICP Log and file incident related documents?
    Planning Section Chief
  75. Who prepares the Communications Plan?
    Logistics Section Chief
  76. Who will, when necessary, request activation of Dual Dispatch system and confer with Communications supervisor?
    Logistics Section Chief
  77. WHO collects, documents, formats, analyzes, files and stores incident related Health and Safety DATA?
    Logistics Section Chief
  78. Which post is NOT CO-LOCATED with Incident Command Post and Intelligence/Invest Section post?
    Operations Section Post
  79. Who is in charge of security of all Command Posts?
    Operations Section Chief
  80. Who will manage functions and activities related to prisoners?
    Operations Section Chief
  81. If all requested resources do not respond, who will notify:
    -Patrol Boro
    -NYPD Emergency Operations, if activated?
    Logistics Section Chief
  82. At CBRN/HAZMAT, who will be responsible for :
    - Overall Site Management?
    - Lifesafety Operations?
    • -NYPD
    • -FDNY
  83. Who makes final assesment of hazards, adjusts or setsd Hot, Warm, and Cold zones for Biological, or Radiological incidents?
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