1. 217-06 Where does the issuing agency and vehicle info get recorded if the vehicle involved in accident was issued by a Fed/State/City agency?
    In the prelim Statement of Investigative Supv caption of the PAR
  2. 217-06 Where does CO put "reviewed by name, rank, cmd, and sign" If vehicle accident involves death or injury?
    "Accident describe/Officer's Notes"
  3. 217-06 When does XO convene a Pct Vehicle Accident Reveiw Board?
    Within 20 days of a vehicle accident
  4. 217-06 What does Pct Vehicle Accident Safety review Board review?
    Accident Report, photographs, and any related reports prepared
  5. 217-06 Why does XO have the Personal Safety Desk contacted in regards to reviewing a Dept accident?
    to ascertain the number of Dept vehicle accidents in which the operator concerned has been involved
  6. 217-06 By when does CO have to fwd white copy of accident report-PD vehicle, photos, copy of PAR to Personal Safety Desk?
    30 days
  7. 217-06 Who developes an accident reduction program for the command?
  8. 217-06 When should operator of Dept vehicle involved in an accident move the vehicle?
    Only if its location is hazardous and likely to cause additional accidents
  9. 217-06 CO's are responsible for ensuring that appropriate individual attend accident retraining with in how many days?
    90 days of accident
  10. 217-06 If a MOS's private auto insurance is surcharged, cancelled or not renewed unjustifiably as a result of a Dept Vehicle Accident, where does CO send UF 50?
    To insurance company concerned
  11. 217-07 Where does CO send request to claim reimbursment from city for damage to private vehicle's incurred in the line of duty?
    To CO next higher command
  12. 217-02 How long does DO have to notify the Medical Division that a CMOS is to be alcohol/drug tested due to a MV accident?
    1 hr
  13. 217-07 How man estimates must be copied to a PAR and 49 addressed to DCMB and delivered to your CO for a private vehicle authorized to be used?
    2 different body shops, 1 if car inoperable
  14. 217-07 What does DO forward to pct XO for a Dept Vehicle Accaidet?
    Copy of PAR and Accident Report-PD Vehicle, with photographs for endorsement
  15. 217-07 Who notifies FSD and gets FSD number for a private vehicle authorized use MVA?
  16. 217-03 How is a car from a MVA that a Highway member suspects has a mechanical defect or Operator says there may be a defect removed? to where?
    UMOS has Dept tow remove vehicle to Dept facility
  17. 217-01 Who does the DO forward collected fees to for request of PAR?
    Operations Coordinator safeguards pending delivery to Borough
  18. 217-07 How many copies of the PAr does the operator of a private vehicle authorized use get? regular Dept vehicle?
    • Private vehicle: 2 PAR's
    • Dept vehicle: 1 PAR
  19. 217-07 Who checks "Duplicate copies required for" box for comptroller for an a) Dept vehicle MVA and b) Private vehicle Authorized use MVA?
    • a) DO
    • b) P/S
  20. 217-12 What gets faxed to the personnel safety desk 24 hrs day for a Dept vehicle MVA?
    • 1- Both side of PAR (MV104AN)
    • 2- Accident Rpt-PD vehicle
    • 3- Police Line of Duty Accident (MV104L)
    • 4- Report of Motor Vehicle Accident
  21. 217-13 What does ICO ensure in regards to fee collected for request for copy of accident report?
    Ensure fee is properly collected and forwarded to Patrol borough Command
  22. 217-01 What are "conditions of severity"?
    • 1) at least one person sustained fatal injuries
    • 2) at least one eprson was transported for immediate medical treatment
    • 3) at least one vehicle was towed/transported from teh scene (other than for a flat tire)
  23. 217-06 If a Supervisor is preparing a PAR for Dept vehicle accident what else must go on t he PAR?
    1) a capital P in a circle next to the name of the Dept vehicle operator near top of report and use following text in the "Accident Description/Officer's Notes" section: "The accident occured in a police vehicle owned/operated by the NYC Police Dept while responding to an emergency situation"
  24. 217-02 Who is notified if a MVA involves perishables or current newspapers? by who?
    UMOS notifies Operations
  25. 217-02 Who does UMOS request for a MVA with DOA or SILD?
    • Patrol Supv
    • Pct Detective Squad
    • Highway Unit, Accident Investigation Squad
  26. 217-14 Where do UMOS get a reference marker # for bridges and tunnels?
    Reference markers listing book at the precinct desk
  27. 217-06 Who signs caption "Accident Description/Officer's Notes" for a Dept vehicle MVA with SILD or DOA?
    CO/Duty Capt
  28. 217 Where does DO put Borough accident number for Dept vehicle MVA?
    telephone record
  29. 217-02 Who must be notified if a person who only suffered a minor injury in an MVA and subsequently dies? by who?
    DO notifies Highway
  30. 217-08 How long does a pilot have to report an aircraft accident to DO?
    10 hours
  31. 217-06 How many polariods are teken for Dept vehicle MVA's?
    2 sets showing damage to all vehicles involved (if involves death or injury photo's will be taken to scene)
  32. 217-01 When must you place a cone at least 200 feet from an accident?
    When on high speed highway or bridge
  33. 217-01 If a person who only suffered a minor injury and subsequently dies what must the UMOS do on a supplementary PAR?
    Check box "Other City Agency" and enter Missing Person ME's Unit and Highway AIS
  34. 217-01 When are we mandated to prepare a PAR for a walk in?
    If within 5 days of accident and Comm Vehicle Involved and ANY vehicle had tro e towed fo rother than flat tire

    • OR
    • within 5 days of accident there were injuries

    • OR
    • Anytime SILD or DOA involved
  35. 217-09 What are the exceptions to DARP?
    • 15,000 lbs or more
    • Gov't Vehicle
    • Evidence (Arrest/Investigatory)
    • Authorized Tow (Highway/Tunnel/Bridge)
    • Rowtow (Stolen/Abandoned)
  36. 217-13 What goes on a "Request Form " for PAR?
    • 1. Name of person receiving copy of PAR
    • 2. Type of check/money order used and number
    • 3. Fee receipt number
  37. 217 Where do you note fault and cause for an RMP MVA?
    • ARPD -> Cause and Fault
    • PAR -> Cause
  38. 217 When and where does Supv preparing PAR for Dept vehiclel accident put a "P" in a circle?
    put next to Operator's name at top of PAR if accident occured during emergency operation
  39. 217-06 When must we alcohol /drug test a civilian operators in an accident?
    Civilian MOS has CDL and committed moving violation or fatality occurs
  40. 217-01 What is a "qualifying vehicle"?
    • Truck/tractor trailer with at least 6 tires in contwact with road
    • or
    • Hazmat placard
    • or
    • seating for 15+ not counting driver
  41. 217-06/07 Where does a) RMP and b) Private vehicle authorized use go when they are vandalized?
    • Dept Vehicle: Borough Service Station
    • Priv Vehicle for Dept use: Fleet Services Div
  42. 217-06 Where does DO put fleet service # for RMP MVA?
    Top of PAR and on designated box on ARPD
  43. 217-11 Where does DO document a notification to housing manager of HA due to accident where housing may be sued?
    Command Log
  44. 217 Where do we fax a copy of PAR's involving a crossover?
    Corp Counsel and Highway District
  45. 217-15 Within how long must traffic safety officer enter data from PAR and part A & B of Accident report PD Vehicles into the Dept Vehicle Accident database?
    Within 72 hrs of accident without waiting for final agency determination
  46. 217-15 Who does traffic Safety Officer coordinate efforts with to obtain agency final determination efforts with to obtain agency final determination? Within how long?
    CO within 30 days of accident
  47. 217-15 How long does traffic Safety Officer have to enter part C of accident Report PD Vehicle including agency final determination into dept database?
    within 30 days of accident
  48. 217-15 What is enetered if a question either does nto apply or if answer unknown in database?
    • Does not Apply: -
    • Uknown: X
  49. 217-01 Where does Traffic Safety Officer notify if fraud is suspected in a PAR?
  50. 217-01 How does traffic safety officer indicate fraud is suspected on the PAR?
    Include fraud indicators in "Accident Description/Officer's Notes" caption of the PAR
  51. 217-02 Who does UMOS request to scene when a vehicle accident results in death or serious injury and likely to die?
    • P/S, Pct Det Squad and Highway Unit, Accident Inv Squad
    • (Notify Desk)
  52. 217-02 When does UMOS notify Operations in regards to MVA?
    If perishable merchandise or current newpaper are involved
  53. 217-02 If a moving violation summons is issued and the accident from which the violation arose resulted in the death or SPI of someone other than the violator, what does summonsing officer write in Description Narrative Section of sumons?
    • D=Death
    • SPI=Serious Physical Injury
  54. 217-2 How can DO notify Dept of Buildings direct in regards to certain accident cases (building affecting structre, crane, elevator, scafford) 24/7?
    Through OEM Watch Command
  55. 217-13 What is the min # of "Request for copy of Accident record" an ICO checks on quarterly basis?
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