Vocab 2.3

  1. affinity
    attraction, kinship
  2. despot
    ruler with total power, tyrant
  3. chieftain
    head man of tribe or small nation
  4. potentate
    ruler very conscious of his power, often used in humor
  5. viceroy
    deputy ruler who takes place of the main ruler in an assigned area
  6. effigy
    image, likeness
  7. image
    what someone appears to be
  8. counterpart
    completes, balances, corresponds to, resembles something
  9. counterfeit
    false or deceptive likeness, especially of money or art
  10. icon
    image, figure or painting, usually with religious significance
  11. iconography
    study of icons
  12. facsimile
    exact likeness or copy, usually of a document, object or artifact
  13. photostatic
    one form of a facsimile
  14. replica
    copy, made by the creator when in terms of art
  15. mannequin
    life sized likeness of the human body used to display clothing
  16. hybrid
    cross between two varities
  17. illusion
    something not what it appears to be
  18. disillusionment
    loss of deceptive or unfounded beliefs about life or people
  19. delusion
    false idea
  20. mirage
    optical illusion created by the atmosphere
  21. hallucination
    illusion completely created within the mind
  22. opulence
    wealth, abundance
  23. affluent
    wealthy, spending money as it is acquired
  24. precision
    exactness, accuracy
  25. proximity
  26. approximate
    about the exact thing
  27. approximation
  28. propinquinity
    nearness in space, time or blood; barrier to marriage
  29. reminiscence
    a calling to mind, recollection
  30. retrospect
    looking backward
  31. memoribilia
    memorable incidents or moments
  32. memoir
    personal record of events
  33. memento
    souvenir or reminder
  34. commemorate
  35. reprisal
    act of retaliation (especially in war)
  36. adroit
    skillful, clever
  37. facile
    easily done, moving easily or quickly
  38. feline
    catlike, sly, stealthy
  39. canine
  40. bovine
  41. porcine
  42. lupine
    wolflike, rapacious
  43. vulpine
    foxlike, crafty
  44. equine
  45. simian
    like a monkey
  46. asinine
    like a jackass
  47. mediocre
    average, commonplace
  48. prodigious
    enormous, marvelous, superhuman
  49. prosaic
    dull, monotonous, uninteresting
  50. prunitive
    intended to punish, bringing punishment
  51. impunity
    freedom from, or avoidance of, the loss or punishment deserved
  52. spontaneous
    arising naturally from within, bubbling up
  53. subtle
    delicate, artful, requiring acuteness
  54. transient
    fleeting, short-lived
  55. ephemeral
    lasting for a very short time
  56. evanescent
    vanishing quickly
  57. sic transit gloria mundi
    "the glory of the world passes away"
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