Force, Motion, and Energy

  1. Sound
    the movement of waves through a medium(vibrations)
  2. Pitch
    the measurement of a high sound or low sound
  3. Frequency
    The number of vibrations per second
  4. Wavelength
    the distance between two compressions
  5. Visible Spectrum
    ROY G. BIV
  6. Refraction
    when light bends
  7. reflection
    when light bounces off of an object
  8. sonar
    sound navigation and ranging, humans use echoloation with the use of sonar, a sound signal is sent out and part of it will be reflected back if it strikes an object or "target"
  9. light
    light is a source of energy
  10. opaque
    if no rays pass though an object
  11. transpaqrent
    if rays pass easily throgh an object, clear or see through,
  12. translucent
    if some rays pass through an object
  13. static electricity
    the build up of electric charge on the surface of objects. - Benjamin Franklin learned that lightning was a form of static electricity
  14. conductor
    electric currents are able to flow
  15. insulator
    electric currents are not able to flow
  16. compression wave
    sound is a copression wave
  17. vibration
    a rapid motion back and forth, to move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side very quickly
  18. electricity
    anything involving electric charges but usally refers to static, direct current, and alternating current electricity.
  19. open circuit
    a circuit with a break in it (stops electricity from moving
  20. closed curcuit
    a circuit with no breaks or interuptions
  21. parallel circuit
    a curcuit where different parts of the circuit are on seperate paths
  22. series circuit
    a basic circuit consisting of three elements: a conductor, a load, and an energy source and has only one pathway
  23. electromagnet
    a magnet produced by an electric current, usally a type of iron wrapped in a conductor
  24. magnetism
    magnetism and electricty are very closely related; a current running through a wire and a magnet produce a magnetic field
  25. energy
    the abilityto do work
  26. friction
    two objects rubbing against each other to create heat(ex.rubbing hands together
  27. potential energy
    energy at rest. Potential energy is also stored energy.
  28. kinetic energy
    energy in motion
  29. simple machine
    machines used to make work easier
  30. compound machine
    a combination of two or more simple machines(Ex. wheelbarrow, scissors, bicycle)
  31. lever
    a simple machine with fulcrums (pivot points) are usually levers. a bar used to pry or move something. (Ex. seesaw, crowbar, shovel, nutcracker)
  32. screw
    • a nail shaped or rod-shaped piece of metal with a winding ridge around its length used for fastening and holding pieces together.
    • (Ex. jar lid, corkscrew)
  33. pulley
    a simple machine with ropes or chains used to raise something.(Ex. hoist a flag, raise window blinds.
  34. wheel and axle
    a simple machine consisting, in its typical form, of a cylindrical drum to which a wheel concentric with the drum is firmly fastened: ropes are so applied that as one unwinds from the wheel, another rope is wound on to the drum.
  35. inclined plane
    a ramp-like object that makes moving heavy things easier.
  36. wedge
    a sharp object, sometimes with jagged edges.
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