1. Name three steroid hormones.
    • cholesterol
    • bile acids
    • vitamin D
    • sex hormones
  2. TrueorFalse
    Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone.
  3. What is androgenic?
    Androgenic activity is primarily involved with the development and maintenance of masculine traits and the male reproductive system
  4. What is anabolic?
    Anabolic activity is thought to promote a more generalized growth of tissue by stimulating protein synthesis
  5. True or False
    One compound cannot contain only anabolic or androgenic activity; it will contain both.
  6. What two organizations were the first in the US to ban steroid use?
    The International Olympic Committee(IOC) and the United States Olympic Committee(USOC)
  7. Name four reasons one would use steroids.
    • improved performance
    • diminished fatigue
    • increase muscle development and strength
    • stunt growth of gymnasts
  8. In what year did steroids get placed on the Federal Controlled Substances list?
    February 27,1991
  9. In what year did Alabama control steroids?
  10. What schedule are steroids(currently)?
    Schedule III
  11. Why did the control of steroids pose a problem to analysts?
    completly new type of drug with no analytical scheme.
  12. TrueorFalse
    All steroid structures contain a five-member cyclopentane ring fused to a fully reduced phenanthrene ring system.
  13. Beta-substituents are oriented_________________________.
  14. Alpha-substituents are oriented_________________________.
  15. All of the steroid hormones are biosynthesized from_______________________.
    cholesterol which is obtained either from the diet or by hepatic biosynthesis
  16. What are the two female sex hormones?
    • estrogens
    • progestins
  17. Name three legitimate uses for anabolic steroids.
    • osteoporosis therapy
    • treatment of hereditary anemias
    • as adjuncts in therapy of certain breast cancers
  18. Where do most steroids that distributed come from?
    black market
  19. Define

    the term used to refer to oily solutions of steroids.
  20. Define

    the term used to refer to the intramuscular injection of anabolic steroids.
  21. Define

    a term used to describe the desired effect of the steroid
  22. Define

    a process which involves adding androgenic/anabolic agents.
  23. Define

    starting at a low dose and building to a higher dose, then tapering to a lower dose before stopping use of the steroid.
  24. Define

    involves taking drug holidays between periods of drug use.
  25. List three negative effects on females.
    • hoarsening of the voice
    • increased facial hair
    • increased body hair
    • decreased breast size.
  26. List three negative effects on males.
    • reduced sperm count
    • gynecomastia ; breast enlargement
    • alopecia ; loss of scalp hair
  27. How do steroids stunt the growth of young users?
    • premature epiphyseal closure,fusion of the end portion(the epiphysis) of a long bone with the rest of the bone.
    • When this fusion takes place, growth is halted and normal height is not attained.
  28. What is “Roid Rage”?
    • Increased aggressiveness–a sought after effect–that is frequently reported by steroids users
    • manifested in increased irritability, argumentativeness, hostility and combativeness
  29. True or False
    There are no withdrawal effects upon cessation of use of steroids

    there are
  30. Name two methods of introducing steroids into the body.
    IV and IM injections
  31. True or False
    Human growth hormone (HGH) is a controlled substance.
  32. What is the schedule of GHB?
    Schedule I
  33. What two tests are typically done for a drug screen?
    IRA and GC/MS
  34. The ratio of_________to______exceeding_____to______indicates a positive urine screen.
    • testosterone
    • epitestosterone
    • 6
    • 1
  35. How long are steroids detectable after cessation of use(for both oral and IM administration)?
    oral: 2-14 days after use

    IM: at least a month
  36. What are the two best analytical methods used to ID steroids?
  37. A base peak of______on the MS is characteristic of testosterone.
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