med chem quiz 6

  1. Levothyroxine/Synthroid
    Thyroid hormone to treat hypothyroid. (T4)
  2. Liothyronine/Cytomel
    Thyroid hormone (T3)
  3. Lugol's solution/Thyroshield
    Iodine product for thyroid and for radiological attack.
  4. Thyro-Block
    adjunctive therapy for hyperthyroid and radiation attack.
  5. Propylthiouracil
    treat hyperthyroid, VERY hepatotoxic, last line drug. Used for severe thyroid attack.
  6. Methimazole/Tapazole
    treat hyperthyroid, much less hepatotoxic. Does not block t4-t3 conversion peripherally.
  7. Probenecid
    treat gout, some people are allergic, use along with Cholchicine.
  8. Sulfinpyrazone/Anturane
    treat gout and anti-platelet agent. can have an effect on bone marrow cells
  9. Colchicine
    Anti-inflammatory used in gout. Does not decrease uric acid. stop if N/V, causes malabsorption of B12
  10. Allopurinol/Zyloprim
    Management of gout and pt. with malignancies calcium. Prevents uric acid production.
  11. Febuxostat/Uloric
    Management of gout. Very good for pt. with kidney failure.
  12. Pegloticase/Krystexxa
    Treat chronic gout in pt. who are refractory to conventional treatment. slow infusion prevent anaphylaxis.
  13. Albuterol/Proventil
    Short acting B2>B1 Most widely used in ER. 3rd potent
  14. Levoalbuterol/Xopenex
    Short acting, Not a racemic mixture. More B2 activity.
  15. Perbuterol/Maxair
    Short acting, onset 5 min, 5th potent
  16. Bitolterol/Tornalate
    Short acting, Prodrug version, onset 2-4 min
  17. Metaproterenol/Alupent
    Short acting, Weakest B2 potency
  18. Isoproterenol/Isuprel
    Short acting, B1=B2, IV use for immediate onset.
  19. Epinephrine/Adrenalin
    Short acting, NO selectivity, can cause heart attack.
  20. Ephedrine
    Short acting, starting product for meth
  21. Salmeterol/Serevent
    Long acting, not for rescue, GREATEST B2 potency, combo with corticosteroid.
  22. Formoterol/Symbicort
    long acting
  23. Formoterol fumarate/ Foradil
    R,R is more potent, also has anti-inflamatory properties.
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