business 100 chapter 7 part 1

  1. organization
    a group of two or more people working to achieve a common set of goals
  2. organization chart
    a diagram that represents the positions and relationships within an organization
  3. chain of command
    the line of authority that extends from the highest to the lowest levels of organization
  4. five stepos for organizing a business
    job design, departmentalization, delegations, pan of management, chain of command
  5. departmentalization
    group the various positions into manageable units or departments
  6. job specialization
    the seperation of all organizational activites into district tasks and the assignment of different tasks to different people
  7. job rotation
    the systematic shifting of employees from one job to another
  8. departmentalization (by function)
    grouping jobs that relate to the same organizational activites
  9. departmentalization (by product)
    grouping activites related to a particular product or service
  10. departmentalization (by location)
    grouping activites according to the defined geographic area in which they are preformed
  11. departmentalization (by customer)
    grouping activites according to the needs of various customer populations
  12. delegation
    assigned parts of a managers work and power to other workers
  13. steps in deligation
    responsibility, authority, accountability
  14. steps in deligation (responsibility)
    the duty to a job or preform a task
  15. steps in deligation (authority)
    the power, within an organization, to acomplish an assigned job or task
  16. steps in deligation (acountability)
    the obligation of a worker to acomplish as assigned job or task
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business 100 chapter 7 part 1
business 100 chapter 7 part 1