Chapter 5 Gaining Power and Influence (Multiple-Choice) 1st Part

  1. What should subordinates perceive about their boss in order to feel a higher status in the organization and to feel higher morale?
    He has considerable "clout."
  2. Which is a characteristic of a powerful manager?
    Accomplishes more personally
  3. What should you do to increase your influence within the organization?
    Advance the goals of the organization
  4. You have been told that in order to advance your career you must be overly ambitious and be indifferent to problems others face. Is this good or bad advice?
    This is bad advice.
  5. Members of a work team are in a meeting where the director of the department is present. At the end of the meeting, the presenter asks, "What are your reactions to my presentation?" The members of the work team look at the director and wait for his response. Which factors most likely determine a person's power in this organization?
    Position characteristics
  6. What are the two basic factors that influence a person's power in an organization?
    Personal attributes and position characteristics
  7. Which of the following is not an organizational trend that has caused a shift in the definition of power from "having authority over others" to "being able to get things done"?
    The percentage of the workforce working in companies with fewer than 500 employees is increasing.
  8. Which of the following characteristics are important sources of personal power?
  9. Which of the following characteristics is not an important source of personal power?
  10. If you are the only one in the office who understands how to do a PowerPoint presentation, which base of power do you most likely have?
    Expertise power
  11. If a person desires to move up in the general management hierarchy, what should he/she do?
    Build a broad knowledge base
  12. If your behavior (the kind of behavior one would normally associate with friendship) improves your influence with your employees, you are most likely practicing which type of power?
    Power that involves affective appeal
  13. Which best describes a manager with personal attraction as a power base?
    Possesses personality characteristics that are remarkable to co-workers
  14. Morgan has become indispensable to her boss. Her boss believes that Morgan is a diligent worker who can be trusted with sensitive projects. What is Morgan's power most likely due to?
  15. Which behaviors might a manager have due to cognitive dissonance reduction?
    A high level of effort resulting in increased responsibility and opportunity
  16. You were recently promoted because of your hard work. In fact, you had a hard time in the "blue-collar" job you had because many co-workers thought you were a "rate-buster." Will your belief in extra effort pay off for you in your new management job?
    Yes. Management sees extra effort as something that should be rewarded.
  17. A fast-food company does not promote anyone to manager unless he or she started at the beginning, flipping burgers. This is an example of a company promoting which type of power?
    Legitimacy power
  18. In proposing a new course of action, upper management remarks to you, "That's the way Jane, our founder, would have done it!" After that statement, the decision is made to accept and implement your idea. Which power source did you use?
    Behavior consistent with the values of the organization
  19. What is the notion of legitimacy within an organization related to?
    Corporate cultural values
  20. Which of the following is not a determinant associated with position power?
  21. What do position characteristics that foster power include?
  22. If you would like to expand your power base horizontally, what could you do?
    Have lunch with workers from other departments
  23. If you took on functions essential for the performance of other activities, how have you expanded your power?
  24. You just convinced your boss that you need to increase cooperation across departments for the Web project that you were assigned to lead to be successful. How have you increased your power?
    Centrality of your position
  25. How is power accrued via horizontal and vertical network relationships?
    By one's location and function in the network
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