1. mineires disease aka
    • enolymphatic hydrops
    • vertigo, deafness, tinnitis
  2. barany caloric test

    • Cold causes nystagmus to the opposite ear
    • Warm causes nystagmus to the same ear

    for cranial nerve 8
  3. westphal sign
    • absence of DTR expeciall patellar
    • LMNL
  4. Jendrassik or Reinforcement Test
    brings out reflexes by cortical distraction
  5. C5, C6
    disc, nerve root
  6. chaddock
    lateral malleolus to 5th toe
  7. oppenheim
    downt tibal crest to ankle
  8. gordons calf
    squeeze calf
  9. schaefer
    squeeze achilles tendon
  10. hoffman
    flicks finger
  11. tomner
    taps tip of middle finger
  12. gordons finger
    strokes pisiform
  13. chaddocks wrist
    stoke sital ulnar side of distal forearm
  14. mm testing

    some resistance
    against gravity
    gravity eliminated
    no joint motion but slight contractility
    no contractility
    • good
    • fair
    • poor
    • trace
    • zero
  15. DR CUMA
    drop wrist -- radial

    claw hand-- ulnar

    median nerve-- ape hand
  16. lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
    • meralgia parestehtic
    • L1, L2
    • L2, L3
  17. burning pain on soles of feet
    • tarsal tunnel syndrome (medial plantar nerve)
    • Tx: othotics to keep slight inversion
  18. anterior compartment syndrome
    • deep peroneal nerve
    • ss simlar to charcot marie tooth
  19. finger lost inot bent position, producing popping or snapping
    trigger finger
  20. volkman
    constant pressure on vert body leads to descruction of endplates

    flexion contracture of hand ...results in claw like deformity
  21. dequerivians tenosynovitis
    EPB and AbPL
  22. Tandam gait, MS, Alcholism, CP
  23. UMNL
    corticospinal or pyramidal tract
  24. syringomyelia
    • cape-like or shawl-like
    • lateral spinothalamic - pain and temp
    • ventral ------------------ crude touch and pressure
  25. charcots triad
    • MS
    • Scanning speach
    • intention tremors
    • nystagmus
    • 1st sign: weakness in legs
    • Best Dx: MRI
  26. weakness is proximal muscle, diplopia, ptosis, dysarthria
    • MG, tensilon test, cholinesterase inhibiting drug
    • antibodies against ach receptors
  27. ALS
    • corticospinal tract
    • anterior horn only
    • LMNL in arms
    • UMNL in legs
  28. stocking and glove parasthesia
    • PLS
    • result of pernicous anemia and degeneration of DCML
  29. landry's paralysis
    • Gullian-barre
    • assending paralysis
    • degeneration of shwann cells of PNS
  30. erb duchenne
    • muscular dystrophy
    • pseudo-hypertorphy of calves
    • gower's sign
    • waddeling gait
    • incerease in CK-MM, creatinine
  31. lower leg atrophy, foot drop, high steppage gait
    charcot marie tooth dz
  32. stance phase

    swing phase

  33. naffzigger's test
    • postive: pain
    • indicates: SOL
  34. scalenus anticus test
    • adson's
    • postive: alteration of amplitude of radial pulse
    • indicates: cervical rib (Halstead's test too)
  35. modified adson's test
    • scalenus medius test
    • turn head to opposite side, extend, hold breath
    • indicates: subclavian artery, scalene medius syndrome
  36. bakody's test
    • postive; pain goes away
    • indicates: ivf encroachment
  37. bikele's test
    • abduct shoulder, bend elbow, extend shoulder, extend elbow
    • postive: increase in radiuclar symptoms
    • indicates: tos, bpn, meningial irritation
  38. yeargson's test
    • actively supinate hand and flex elbow
    • positive: click or snap in bicipital groove
    • indicates: bicipital tendon instability
  39. tennis elbow
  40. golfer elbow
    • FCU
    • Tx: transverse massage, ultrasound under water, counterforce brace
  41. cozen and mills
    lateral epicondylitis
  42. well leg raise
    • pain on affected leg when raising the unaffected leg
    • indiates: medial disc lesion
  43. Goldthwait's sign
    • 30 SI joint
    • 60 Lumbosacral Joint
    • 90 Lumbar spine or contralateral SI
  44. linder's sign
    • passivley flex chin to chest
    • pain radiating down sciatic nerve
    • indicates: root sciatica
  45. bowstring sign
    • SLR, bend, put leg on shoulder. finger pressure over post thigh and thin in pop fossa
    • postive: pain in lumbar region or radiculopathy
  46. bonnet's sign
    • supine, internally rotate and adduct leg then perform SLR
    • postive: radicular pain in leg
    • indicates: priformis syndrome
  47. kemps
    • pain down the involved side
    • kemps toward the side of pain = medial
    • kemps away from side of pain = lateral
  48. neris bowstring test
    • tight hams
    • also, BEERY'S TEST
  49. becterew's test
  50. minor's sign
  51. beEry's test
    • pain is relieved when going from standing to sitting
    • positive: relief of pain
    • indicates: tight hams
  52. Hibb's test
    ankle of opp leg and pushes away to internally rotate hip
  53. internal mcmurrys test
    • lateral lesion
    • medial lesion

    • postive: click or snap
    • tests the posterior horn of menisucs
  54. talipes equinovarus
    • clubfoot
    • most common birth defect where heel is elveated and foot is turned inward
  55. thompson's aka simmond's test
    achilles rupture
  56. amoss sign
    • side lying to seated position
    • positive: local thoraco-lumbar pain or lack of ROM
    • indicates: AS
  57. magnusson's test
    • "u, son point to the pain"
    • malingerer
  58. mannkopf's sign
    • PULSE RATE after aggrevating affected area
    • should increase 10 bmp
  59. libman's test
    • used to determine pain threshold
    • pressure over mastoid process
  60. forrestier's bowstring sign
    • muscle tighness on concave side
    • indicates: AS
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