Med Terms 10

  1. What is the correct command sequence to configure a router host name to "LAB_A"?
    • *Router> enable
    • Router# configure terminal
    • Router(config)# hostname LAB_A
  2. Passwords can be used to restrict access to all or parts of the Cisco IOS. Select the modes and interfaces that can be protected with passwords. (Choose three.)
    • *VTY interface
    • *console interface
    • *privileged EXEC mode
  3. A network administrator needs to configure a router. Which of the following connection methods requires network functionality to be accessible?
  4. Which tasks can be accomplished by using the command history feature? (Choose two.)
    • *Set the command history buffer size.
    • *Recall previously entered commands.
  5. A router has a valid operating system and a configuration stored in NVRAM. When the router boots up, which mode will display?
    *user EXEC mode
  6. Which function is a unique responsibility of the DCE devices shown in the exhibit?
    *clocking for the synchronous link
  7. In what two ways does SDM differ from the IOS CLI? (Choose two.)
    • *SDM is used for in-band management only. The IOS CLI can be used for in-band and out-of-band management.
    • *SDM utilizes GUI buttons and text boxes. The IOS CLI requires the use of text-based commands.
  8. What three settings can be made in the SDM Express basic configuration screen? (Choose three.)
    • *host name
    • *domain name
    • *enable secret password
  9. Which three encapsulation types can be set on a serial interface by an administrator who is using SDM Express? (Choose three.)
    • *Frame Relay
    • *HDLC
    • *PPP
  10. What option within Cisco SDM Express must be configured to allow hosts that receive IP address settings from the router to resolve names on the network or Internet?
    *DNS server IP address
  11. To save time, IOS commands may be partially entered and then completed by typing which key or key combination?
  12. How does the SYST LED on the catalyst 2960 switch indicate a POST failure?
    *steady amber
  13. Refer to the exhibit. From the router console, an administrator is unable to ping a Catalyst switch that is located in another building. What can the administrator do from her location to check the IP configuration of the attached switch?
    *Use the show cdp neighbors detail command from the router console.
  14. Which three pieces of information about a neighbor device can be obtained by the show cdp neighbors command? (Choose three.)
    • *platform
    • *connected interface of neighbor device
    • *device ID
  15. Refer to the exhibit. Which series of commands will correctly configure the serial interface on Router2?
    *Router2(config)# interface S0/0/0Router2(config-if)# ip address no shutdown
  16. When utilizing SDM Express, which two configuration options allow a router serial interface to obtain an IP address without manually configuring it? (Choose two.)
    • *IP Negotiated
    • *IP Unnumbered
  17. Refer to the exhibit. A company always uses the last valid IP address in a subnetwork as the IP address of the router LAN interface. A network administrator is using a laptop to configure switch X with a default gateway via the switch console port. The switch VLAN 1 interface is assigned IP address What command will the administrator use to assign a default gateway to the switch?
    *X(config)# ip default-gateway
  18. Refer to the exhibit. Users on both SW1 and SW2 report that they are unable to communicate with each other. A network administrator issues show ip interface brief commands on both routers to troubleshoot the connectivity between the two networks. What action will correct the connectivity issue?
    *Issue a no shutdown command on the s0/0/0 interface on router RB
  19. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output of the show port-security interface fastethernet0/1 command on the switch, which statement about the switch port is true?
    *There are ten devices with different MAC addresses connected to this port.
  20. What step must be completed before port security can be enabled on an interface?
    *The interface must be in access mode.
  21. Which three sets of commands are required to enable administrators to connect to a switch on the same LAN via Telnet for configuration and management? (Choose three.)
    • *Switch1(config)# interface vlan 1
    • *Switch1(config)# line vty 0 15
    • *Switch1(config)# enable secret class
  22. Which two statements are true regarding the user EXEC mode? (Choose two.)
    • *This is the default mode on an unconfigured router when first powered up.Interfaces and routing protocols can be configured.
    • *Only some aspects of the router configuration can be viewed.
  23. Which of the following identifies the correct items needed to initially configure a router?
    • *1) DB-9-to-RJ-45 on the PC's serial port
    • 2) a rollover cable
    • 3) the router's console port
  24. An administrator enters the show ip route command into a router. What type of information will be displayed?
    *the networks learned from other neighbors
  25. A network technician is attempting to add an older workstation to a Cisco switched LAN. The technician has manually configured the workstation to full-duplex mode in order to enhance the network performance of the workstation. However, when the device is attached to the network, performance degrades and excess collision are detected. What is the cause of this problem?
    *There is a duplex mismatch between the workstation and switch port.
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