1. Veins begin _________ to capillaries as venules
  2. The venous return is a _______ pressure system
  3. Veins carry blood from capillaries _____ the heart
  4. Superificial veins travel in the ______________ and have no accompanying artery
  5. Veins work to move blood toward the heart against the pull of gravity. _______ prevent the backflow of blood.
  6. _______________ pump blood through veins.
    Skeletal muscles
  7. Ther superior and infior sagittal sinuses, with the straight sinus and the occipital sinus form the ___________.
    confluence of sinuses
  8. The _________ sinuses drain the confluence of sinuses
  9. The transverse sinus becomes the _____________ sinus, which exits the cranium through the ______________.
    sigmoid, jugular foramen
  10. The sigmoid sinus passes through the jugular foramen and becomes the _____________ vein
    internal jugular
  11. The _____________ vein drains the external neck
    external jugular
  12. There is no __________ vein.
  13. There ________________ vein = the subclavian vein and the internal jugular vein
    brachiocephalic vein
  14. The superior __________ = the right and left brachiocephalic veins
    vena cava
  15. The ________________ veins in the extremities run with the arteries and have the same names.
  16. The _____________ vein empties into the brachial vein.
  17. The basilic and bracial vein together form the ___________ vein.
  18. The _________ empties into the axillary vein. It is the superficial vein closest to the head.
  19. The superficial veins of the lower extremities = the ________ and ___________________ veins.
    great and mall saphenous veins
  20. The great saphenous vein is superior to the _______ and medial side of the leg and thigh.
    medial malleolus
  21. The great saphenous empties into the ________ vein.
  22. The ____________________________ is often used for coronary artery by-pass graft
    great saphenous
  23. The small saphenous vein is behind the ___________ up the back of the leg.
    lateral malleolus
  24. The small saphenous vein empties into the _____________ vein.
  25. The Superior vena cava drains the _______ and the ________
    arm and the head
  26. The inferior vena cava drains the _________ and __________ extremity.
    abdomen, lower
  27. Deoxy blood from the intercostal muscles is drained and carried to the superior vena cava through ________________________, which drain the ____________ veins.
    internal thorcic veins, anterior intercostal veins.
  28. The ________ System drains the posterior intercostal veins (dorsal).
  29. The Azygous system is comprised of the ______________, ______________ and ________________ veins.
    azygous, hemiazygos and accessory hemiazygous
  30. The Azygous system empties into the ____________________ via the arch of azygos.
    Superior vena cava
  31. The Internal and external iliac veins from the pelvis form the ________________-
    inferior vena cava
  32. The inferior vena cava carries blood from the _____________ to the heart
  33. The __________ vein becomes the external iliac vein in the pelvis.
  34. The _______ veins carry blood from the kidney and empty into the IVC
  35. The _________ renal vein is much longer than the other, because it crossed over the top of the aorta.
  36. The ___________________ lies to the left of the IVC in the abdomen.
    Abdominal aorta
  37. The right gonadal vein drains into the _______.
  38. The left gonadal vein drains into the ____________vein
    Left renal vein
  39. The veins draining the organs of the digestive system (do/do not) empty into the IVC.
    do NOT
  40. Veins of digestive organs drain into the ________.
  41. The __________ and _________ veins drain the intestines.
    superior and inferior mesenteric
  42. The gastric and gastro-omental veins drain the ___________
  43. Veins that empty into the vena cava are part of the the _______________________
    Caval Venous Drainage
  44. Veins that empty into the Hepatic Portal vein are part of the ____________ _____ _____________
    portal venous drainage
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