Enviro Geog Final

  1. Coral islands that are in trouble due to more severe storms.
  2. A chain of coral islands in the United States.
    The Florida Keys
  3. Which countries do Kyoto and Copenhagen exempt?
    China and India
  4. Set standards for particulates, lead, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and sulfur dioxide.
    Clean Air Act of 1970
  5. Reformulated fuels, more efficient engines, and chimney scrubbers have all helped make what?
    Pollution reductions
  6. What is a way that the fuel reductions that have been made could be cancelled out?
    We drive more cars and live in bigger houses
  7. This banned chloroflourocarbons in industrialized countries.
    Montreal Protocol
  8. Common refrigerants release this, which breaks down the ozone.
  9. Ozone depeltion is doing what as CFCs are reduced?
  10. Surface ozone reacts with UV rays to form what?
  11. What type of illnesses can pollutants often cause?
  12. These react with water vapor to create pH lower than 5.6.
    Sulfur emissions
  13. This heavily affects lakes and forests that lack limestone bedrock.
    Sulfur emissions
  14. A project below the streets of Milwaukee.
    The Deep Tunnel
  15. Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District released 4.6 billion gallons of storm runoff and raw sewage into what in 2004?
    Lake Michigan
  16. Releasing sewage into the lake in Milwaukee was to prevent it from flowing where?
    Into basements
  17. These areas have trees, undergrowth, and grass and absorb precipitation on site.
  18. Releases water over time after the storm event.
  19. These are important "sinks" for undesirable inputs
    Green spaces
  20. Pollution from former land uses impedes restoration of what, which are valuable to storm water retention?
    Riparian corridors
  21. These catch water for yard use.
    Rain barrels
  22. These are connected to parking lots and downspouts catch water, slowly releasing it into the ground.
    Rain gardens
  23. This strategy is minor for MMSD, but can help to mitigate storm water runoff.
    Plant more, large trees.
  24. What are two negatives of green roofs, which absorb water and release it to the atmosphere instead of the sewer system.
    Green roofs
  25. What does the Deep Tunnel do to reduce environmental injustice associated with unevenly distrubted green spaces?
  26. These make of 87% of energy production
    Coal, oil and natural gas
  27. The US population consumes what percent of fossil fuels extracted annually?
  28. 1/3 of energy consumed in US is for industry is for what?
    Extraction and production
  29. Residential and commercial buildings consume what percent of US energy?
  30. What percent of US energy is used up by transportation?
  31. How many years of energy do we have left from coal?
    Around 200
  32. Strip mines lead to mountain top removal or what?
  33. Why are there volatile energy markets?
    Supply is nearly equal to demand.
  34. Give an example of a country where the is social unrest because oil wealth is unevenly distributed.
  35. Our oil reserves may only last for how long?
    40 years
  36. This provides 25% of global energy supply, is clean burning and releases less carbon.
    Natural gas
  37. Many new US power plants burn...
    natural gas
  38. How much more do northern climate dwellers pay for gas derived heat now as compared to ten years ago?
    300% more
  39. Hydraulic fracturing =
  40. This is an important area set for a possible fracking site close to Athens.
    Marcellus Shale
  41. How big is a typical fracking field?
    4 sq. miles
  42. How much of Athens county is now leased for fracking?
  43. How many jobs are said to come to Ohio from fracking?
  44. What are some major concerns about fracking?
    Contaminated drinking water, air pollution, destruction of roads and bridges
  45. Does the industry have to tell us what is in the fracking fluid?
  46. A recent Ohio State study found that, in actuality, how many jobs would come to Ohio from fracking.
  47. Nuclear power plants are old, but don't release what?
  48. Are new nuclear power plants being built in the US?
  49. The two big Nuclear power disasters?
    • Three Mile Island in 1979
    • Chernobyl in 1986
  50. Where is Three Mile Island?
    Harrisburg PA
  51. Unit 2 of Three Mile Island is shut down, but Unit 1 is licensed to operate until when?
  52. Where was Chernobyl?
  53. What happened to the residents of Pripyat, Ukraine after Chernobyl?
    Evacuated. Still remains empty today.
  54. Chernobyl was a what out of 7 on the Nuke Event Scale?
  55. 6000 children at Chernobyl afflicted with what?
    Thyroid cancer
  56. Studies suggest that how many people will die from the recent nuclear event in Japan?
  57. Radiation continues to leak where in Japan?
    Pacific Ocean
  58. Nuclear power generates what percent of our electricity in the US?
  59. In what state are there 11 nuclear reactors?
  60. This type of energy is important in the American West...
  61. Hydro-power is the use of what to make electricity?
  62. This type of energy offer little environmental disruption, but birds can fly into them.
    Wind farms
  63. This is alcohol derived from biomass (corn, sugarcane, aspen). It is clean burning, but energy intensive to produce.
  64. Everything we produce and consume will become what?
  65. We live increasingly in a __________ and _____________ society.
    Throw-away and disposable
  66. 4000 tons of plastic bags less than 15 microns thick produced monthly in where?
  67. What are seen as a status symbol in Nairobi?
    Plastic bags. People can see what you purchased and be impressed that you had the capability to purchase it.
  68. Villagers and small children in China are paid to break apart what from computers and electronics?
    Cathode ray tubes
  69. What happens to your old electronics?
    Much of it goes to other countries for "recycling"
  70. What city in US has banned plastic bags from retail stores?
    San Fran
  71. Bags used for human waste and then thrown outside are known as...
    scud missiles
  72. 80% of e-waste in U.S. recyling stream ends up in Asia, and example of...
    Environmental Racism
  73. Targeting corporations for social change.
    Venue Shopping
  74. Environmentall responsible travel to relatively undisturbed natural areas, to enjoy nature, that promotes conservation, low visitor impact, and beneficially active socio-economic involvement in local populations.
  75. Three things that ecodestinations must do to prove they are sustainable.
    • Preserve ecology
    • Improve the lives of locals
    • Enhance the local economy
  76. There is concern with the ecotourist industry and consumers about what?
    Greenwashed mass tourism
  77. Where does Lapa Rios get its hot water?
    Passive solar
  78. Pool at Lapa Rios is sterilized with what, instead of chlorine?
  79. What is done with food waste at Lapa Rios?
    Fed to pigs and microrganisms.
  80. This turns pig waste into gas that is used for cooking in the kitchen.
  81. What did Lapa Rios build after the community requested one?
    A school
  82. Lapa Rios only employs...
    local people
  83. Who does ecotourism cater to?
    Bobos in paradise. White upper-middle class.
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