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  1. dactyl
    a foot with one strong stress followed by two unstressed syllables, as in the word wonderful [ / U U ]
  2. trochee
    a foot with a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable, as in the word wonder [ / U ]
  3. iamb
    a foot with one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, as in the word again [ U / ]
  4. spondee
    a foot with two strong stresses, as in the word spacewalk [ / / ]
  5. anapest
    a foot with two unstressed syllables followed by one strong stress, as in the phrase on the beach [ U U / ]
  6. motivation
    a reason that explains or partially explains a character's thoughts or actions
  7. narrative poem
    a poem that tells a story
  8. plot
    the sequence of events in a literary work that involves both characters and a central conflict, begins with an exposition, followed by an inciting incident, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and resolution
  9. dramatic poetry
    poetry that uses the techniques of drama
  10. foil
    a character who provides a contrast to another character
  11. consonance
    the repetition of similar consanant sounds at the ends of accented syllables
  12. assonance
    the repetition of similar consonant sounds at the ends of accented syllables
  13. nonfiction
    prose writing that presents and explains ideas or that tells about real people, places, objects, or events. This work must be true.
  14. point of view
    the perspective from wihch a story is told, either in first-person, third-person, omniscient third-person, or limited third-person
  15. stanza
    a formal division of lines in a poem, considered as a unit
  16. sonnet
    a fourteen-line lyric poem, usually written in rhymed iambic pentameter
  17. tone
    the writer's attitude toward his or her audience and subject (formal, informal, serious, or playful)
  18. setting
    the time and place of the action
  19. symbol
    anything that stands for, or represents, something else
  20. narraration
    writing that tells a story
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