1. Lesions to Dorsolateral
    • poor executive functions, planning, judgment, and problem solving
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  2. Executive functions
    The executive system is thought to be heavily involved in handling novel situations outside the domain of some of our 'automatic' psychological processes.

    • - Those that involve planning or decision making
    • - Those that involve error correction or troubleshooting Situations
    • - Dangerous or technically difficult situations

    The executive functions are often invoked when it is necessary to override responses that might otherwise be automatically elicited by stimuli in the external environment. like not having cake when you are diet.
  3. Orbitofrontal lesion
    • - Disinhibition
    • - Impulsive behavior
  4. Medial frontal and Ant. cingulate
    Abulia, indifference, poor speech output, impaired initiation of a motor movement, urinary incontinence and gait disturbance
  5. Gerstmann’s syndrome:
    • Acalculia,
    • Dysgraphia,
    • Finger anomia,
    • Right-left disorientation
  6. Prosopagnosia:
    ("prosopon" ="face", "agnosia" = "not knowing") is a disorder of faceperception where the ability to recognize faces is impaired)

    Bilat temporal lobe lesions
  7. Ageusia
    lack of taste can occur in many condition including bilateral lesions of insular cortex
  8. Temporallobe epilesy:
    • -Complex visual hallucinations.
    • -Auditory hallucinations
    • -epigastric rising sensation
    • -intense fear (or pleasure)
    • -Alternation of memory
    • -Déjà vu, Jamais vu, Palinopsia
    • -Automatisms
    • -Postictal cough
  9. Jamais vu
    sensation of unfamiliarity with a previously, familiar experience, place, or event
  10. Palinopsia
    Recurrence of an image no longer present in visual field
  11. Geschwind syndrome
    • •left-sided temporal lobe epilepsy
    • •characteristic personality syndrome:

    • 1.circumstantiality
    • 2.hyperviscosity (the tendency to prolong encounters, stickiness),
    • 3.hypergraphia,
    • 4.hyposexuality
    • 5.hyper-religiosity and/or hyper-morality
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