history 11:3

  1. axum
    • SE of nubia, extended from present day ethiopia mnts to red sea shores (present day eritrea)
    • african farmers + middle E jews
  2. Geez
    language created by axum blending of cultures
  3. adulis
    • one of two main axum cities
    • port on red sea
  4. king ezana
    made christianity official axum religion
  5. ethiopia
    • what axumite kings referred to kingdom as whole
    • term greeks used for region
    • christian area
  6. unify
    to form into a single unit
  7. the glory of kings
    ancient ethiopian book that stated ethiopian kings descended from israelite king soloman and queen sheba
  8. falasha
    ethiopian jews who lived in mnts of ethipia untill 1900
  9. kilwa
    • most successful city state
    • "one of the most beautiful and well-constructed towns in the world"
  10. complex
    a group of connected builings that form a single whole
  11. swahili
    • the successful E african international trade system led to emergence of this vibrant culture and new language
    • "of the coast"
  12. great zimbabwe
    • impressive capital ruins
    • "stone houses"
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history 11:3
kingdoms and trading states of east africa