MKT 351 C10

  1. Which of the following is NOT an example of a product?

    C. All are examples of products.
  2. The key distinction between a business product and consumer product is:

    D. intended use.
  3. Candy bars, safety pins, and apples are all examples of ________ products.

    A. convenience
  4. Automobiles, home theater systems, and mobile phones are all examples of ________ products.

    B. shopping
  5. Marketers often use selective, status-conscious advertising when they are selling ________ products.

    B. specialty
  6. GE's ________ includes aircraft engines, kitchen appliances, and light bulbs.

    C. product mix
  7. A ________ is a name, term, or symbol that distinguishes one company's products from another's.

    B. brand
  8. Which of the following is NOT an example of a brand mark?

    B. 7-Eleven
  9. A brand that has a high level of ________ has high awareness, perceived quality, and brand loyalty among consumers.

    B. brand equity
  10. A global brand is one that earns at least ________ of its earnings outside of its home country.

    D. 1/3
  11. ________ refers to the exclusive right to use a brand or part of a brand.

    A. Trademark
  12. A product label that provides information on features, care instructions, or ingredients is an example of:

    A. informational labeling.
  13. Proper translation of labels and product information is an important consideration for global ________ decisions.

    B. packaging
  14. A(n) ________ warranty is a written statement that protects the buyer and gives information about the product.

    B. express
  15. The Uniform Commercial Code insures that all sales have a(n):

    A. implied warranty.
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