MKT 351 C8

  1. A group of people who share traits and have similar product needs is known as a:

    C. market segment.
  2. ________ is the process where distinct market segments are identified.

    C. Market segmentation
  3. A food products company groups its customers according to where they live. This is an example of ________ segmentation.

    C. geographic
  4. Toyota promotes its Sienna minivan as a safe and practical vehicle for families. This is an example of ________ segmentation.

    D. family life cycle
  5. Gerber produces a line of organic baby foods to appeal to consumers who are concerned about food safety and environmental issues. This is an example of ________ segmentation.

    B. psychographic
  6. McDonald's new marketing campaign is aimed at attracting customers who visit the restaurant less than six times per year. This is an example of ________ segmentation.

    A. usage-rate
  7. ________ are customers who do extensive research before purchasing.

    D. Optimizers
  8. Which of the following is NOT a step in market segmentation?

    B. developing a perceptual map
  9. A computer manufacturer promotes its products with a single campaign aimed at various groups. This is an example of ________ strategy.

    C. undifferentiated targeting
  10. The Smart car is aimed at young, urbanites who want efficient and convenient transportation. This is an example of ________ strategy.

    B. concentrated targeting
  11. Which of the following is a key benefit of the undifferentiated target strategy?

    C. cost savings
  12. In Starbucks, ________ will occur if its new VIA line of instant coffee leads to reduced sales of its coffee beans.

    D. cannibalization
  13. In its advertisements, Verizon emphasizes how its mobile network is faster and offers more nationwide coverage than its competitors. This is an example of:

    D. product differentiation.
  14. A company implements ________ in order to change the opinions that consumers have about their products.

    C. repositioning
  15. A company that uses the attribute base for positioning will emphasize:

    A. the product's feature or benefits.
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