Bio Lab quiz 4 part 2

  1. Gene:
    • fundemental unit of inherited genetic information
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  2. Allele:
    Locus (Loci):
    • Specific form of a gene (dominant and recessive alleles)
    • Locus: location of a gene
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  3. Homozygous Dominant:
    An individual who has two dominant alleles (GG)
  4. Heterozygous:
    One dominant allele and one recessive allele (Gg)
  5. Homozygous recessive:
    Two recessive alleles (gg)
  6. Phenotype:
    observable trait of indivual (blue eyes)
  7. Genotype:
    description of inherited genetic info (bb, Bb, or BB)
  8. Complete dominance:
    One allele (dominant) is fully expressed and determines the phenotype (red or white flower)
  9. Incomplete dominance:
    neither allele is fully expressed (pink flower)
  10. Codominance:
    Both alleles are fully expressed (white and red combo flower)
  11. Mendel's 1st law:
    • Law of segregation:
    • Two copies of a gene allele's seperate into gametes, and each gamete has an equal chance of receiving either of the copies.
    • (seperating two genes equally)
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  12. Mendel's 2nd law:
    • Law of independent assortment:
    • Gene on different chromosomes will be inherited independently (random)
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  13. ABO blood types:
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    • Type A: Antigen A, Antibody B
    • Type B: Antigen B, Antibody A
    • Type AB: Antigens A and B, Neither antibody
    • Type O: Neither antigen, Antibodies A and B
  14. Rh Antigen:
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    • Treatment - rogan shots
  15. Sex linked traits:
    • Sex linkage:
    • Genes that are located on the sex chromosome

    Y chromosome is smaller. Thus, most sex linked genes are located on the X chromosome.

    Since males only have on X chromosome, whatever trait is attached to the X will be expressed

    • Male: XY
    • Female: XX
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