history 14.5

  1. With the Conservative vote split between President Bush and Ross __________ (who had campaigned as a conservative), William "______" _______ won the election.
    Perot, Bill Clinton
  2. During Clinton's presidency, he sent American troops on UN and NATO "peace-keeping missions" to the nations of _______, ________, and _______.
    Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti
  3. On Feb. 26, 1993, Islamic terrorists planted a blomb at the _____ ______ _____, a large building in New York City, killing 6 people and injuring over 1,000.
    World Trade Center
  4. On April 19, 1995, a bomb exploded outside a federal building in downtown _________ ______, killing 168 people.
    Oklahoma City
  5. During the investigation into these business dealings, known as the ________ ________, President Clinton lied to a grand jury regarding his immoral conduct with a young woman who worked at the White House.
    Whitewater Investigation
  6. President Clinton became the second President in United States history to be ________; Andrew _______ was impeached in 1868.
    impeached, Johnson
  7. The incident at Colmubine was the most severe of numerous instances of school violence. As a result, the ________ _____ movement, which had begun decades earlier, was strengthened; and the _______-_______ movement also experienced dramatic growth.
    Christian school, home-school
  8. Early in the race for the White House, Vice President ____ ________ emerged as the top candidate on the Democratic ticket.
    Al Gore
  9. The Republican Party nominated Texas Governor ________ ____ _______, son of George H. W. Bush our 41st President.
    George W. Bush
  10. On November 7, 2000, after the votes had been cast, each candidate needed to gain _______ to win a majority of the votes and claim the Oval Office.
  11. December 12, the Supreme Court ended the vote recountings. A day later, ________ ____ ______ was declared the nations 43rd President
    George W. Bush
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