JS32 Red CAPs

  1. FIRE
    • Fire detected in corresponding engine nacelle.
    • Trigger: 300C fire loop.
  2. DOOR
    • Main entrance door is: open, unsafe, or took longer than 10 seconds to close.
    • Trigger: 7 microswitches (one for each draw bolt, one for the door handle).
  3. INV
    • One or both inverters have failed. Will also be accompanied by AC ESS or AC MAIN cap to help determine which inverter has failed.
    • Trigger: Switching of either the AC Main or AC Ess INV Fail Relay.
  4. SMOKE
    • Smoke Detected in the aft cargo compartment.
    • Trigger: smoke detector in aft cargo area.
  5. OIL
    • Oil pressure below 50 PSI. OK during ground ops (40 PSI minimum).
    • Trigger: 50 PSI oil pressure switch downstream from oil filter, powered by DC ESS.
    • Undervoltage Sensor (UVS) has sensed less than 25V on one of the DC Busses. Usually accompanied by the BUS TIE OPEN cap light.
    • Trigger: One of the UVSs sensed less than 25V.
  7. CABIN
    Cabin altitude has exceeded 10,000'.
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JS32 Red CAPs
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