Critical Thinking CH 1

  1. Thinking
    A purposeful, organized, cognitive process that we use to understand the world and make informed decisions.
  2. Thinking (attributes);
    • A. Thinking is useful to reach a goal, make decisions, or analyze an issue.
    • B. When we think effectively, there is usually an order and organization to our thinking.
    • C. You can improve your thinking by:
    • 1. How you think.
    • 2. Examine our thinking process and the thinking process of others.
    • 3. Practice our thinking ability.
    • D. Critically thinking,
    • E. Thinking creatively.
  3. Thinking Critically:
    Carefully exploring the thinking process to clarify our understanding and make more intelligent decisions.
  4. Thinking Creatively:
    Using our thinking process to develop ideas that are unique, useful, and worthy of further elaboration.
  5. Achieving short term goals
    • 1. Identify, rank, and select goals.
    • 2. Devise an effective plan to achieve the goals.
    • a) List all the steps in order to achieve your goals.
    • b) Estimate the amount of time each step will take.
    • c) Plan the steps into your schedule.
  6. Achieving long term goals
    • 1. Need to develop an in-depth understanding of yourself.
    • 2. Need to discover what your possibilities are.
    • 3. High Achievers:
    • a) Are able to envision a detailed, three dimensional picture of their future.
    • b) Are able to construct a mental plan that includes the sequence of steps they will have to take, the amount of time each step will involve, and strategies for overcoming the obstacles they are likely to encounter.
    • 4. Retain a well-defined, Flexible plan that charts their life coarse.
  7. Making decisions
    • A. Define the decision clearly.
    • B. Consider all of the possible choices.
    • C. Gather all the relevant information and evaluate the pros and cons of each possible choice.
    • D. Select the choice that seems to best meet the needs of the situation.
    • E. Implement a plan of action and then monitor the results, making necessary adjustments.
  8. Living creatively
    • A. Understand and trust the creative process.
    • B. Eliminate the “voice of criticism”.
    • C. Establish a creative environment.
    • D. Make creativity a priority.
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