New Deal One (definitions)

  1. 20th amendment
    moves inauguration from March 4 to January 20th
  2. EBRA
    • Emergency Banking Relief Act
    • -Shuts down every bank in the country
    • -If the bank was okay it would re-open so the people knew it could give out loans and feel better about banks
  3. Glass-Steagall Act
    • -Creates the FDIC-> bank accounts insured up to $5,000
    • -Today insured up to $500,000
  4. FHA
    • Federal Housing Administration
    • -Insured loans for buildings and repaying loans/build homes for low income families
  5. FSA
    • Federal Securities Act
    • -Forces companies to provide truthful stock information
  6. SEC
    • Securities Exchange Commission
    • -Watch for irregularities in stock market and regulates major changes in the stock market
  7. AAA
    • Agricultural Adjustment Act
    • -Federal Government pays farmers to destroy crops and not to farm
  8. CCC
    • Civilian Conservation Corps
    • -Gave men ages 18-25 jobs building bridges, parks, soil erosion, and flood controls, roads
  9. TVA
    • Tennessee Valley Authority
    • -Gives people jobs by building dams for electric power
    • o Repairs 5 dams
    • o Builds 20 dams
  10. HOLC
    • Home Owners Loan Corporation
    • -Gave loans to owners in danger of foreclosure
  11. NIRA
    • National Industrial Recovery
    • -Creates the PWA and CWA
  12. PWA
    • Public Works Administration
    • -Provides jobs for the construction of public buildings (schools, libraries, pools, hospitals, parks)
  13. CWA
    • Civil Works Administration
    • -Provides jobs for the construction of civic building (township, police stations, fire departments, post offices, courts, schools)
  14. NRA
    • National Recovery Act
    • -Stops competition, sets prices, sets standards on goods
  15. FERA
    • Federal Emergency Relief Act
    • -Provides $500 million to needy directly
  16. WPA
    • Works Progress Administration
    • -Created 8 million jobs as quickly as possible for professional, unskilled, and women workers (construction garments…)
    • -ONLY reform to benefit women
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