215 Juvenile Matters

  1. 215-01 Care of Dependent Child
    To obtain care for a dependent child under eighteen (18) due to arrest, hospitalization or death of parent or guardian. What does the UMOS do in this case?
    • 1. Inquire if a relative or friend will care for the dependent child.
    • 2. Notify desk officer if care cannot be provided.
    • 3. Process child as “Child Requiring Shelter.”
  2. 215-01 Care of Dependent Child
    Who forwards copy of computerized AIDED REPORT to the youth officer in the precinct where child is located, if child is left with relative or friend not residing in the household.?
  3. 215-03 Emergency Removals or Investigation and Reporting
    If unable to determine if the relationship in question is an “intimate relationship,” the member of the service concerned will ?
    request the response of the patrol supervisor.
  4. 215-03 Emergency Removals or Investigation and Reporting
    An emergency removal without a court order may be performed by the following persons?
    • -peace officer
    • - police officer
    • - an agent of a duly incorporated Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
    • - a designated employee of a city or county Department of Social Services.
    • *The Family Court Act Sec. 1024 and Social Service Law Sec. 417 give ACS thes ame powers of removal as police officers. Once any authorized person decides to conduct an emergency removal, no member of this Department will revoke that decision.
  5. 215-03 Emergency Removals or Investigation and Reporting
    If the State Central Registry refuses to accept a case, the DESK OFFICER will ?
    enter the time and name of person contacted in the Telephone Record.
  6. 215-03 Emergency Removals or Investigation and Reporting
    Certain categories of information may not be released to ACS. These include ?
    • -a. sealed records (except when an unsealing order has been issued by a superior court)
    • -b. the identity of adult victims of sex crimes (unless such victims provide written consent)
  7. 215-04 Family Court Warrant for Child Abuse.Neglect Cases.
    When the Warrant Section officer assigned to Family Court notifies a precinct that a warrant for child abuse/neglect has been issued, the DESK OFFICER/COUNTERPART will ?
    • 1. Enter message in Telephone Record.
    • 2. Send radio motor patrol crew to execute the warrant.
  8. 215-07 Truants.
    As per this procedure, what specifically does a UMOS need for them to believe that they MAY handcuff a truant?
    • -An articulate reason to believe their safety is in danger
    • *Truants may be frisked to ensure the officer’s safety
  9. 215-07 Truants.
    Precinct commanding officers will confer with ___________to determine the location of the borough truancy site.
    the borough truancy task force
  10. 215-08 On-line Juvenile Report System
    If the incident occurs at or within the grounds of a school, the juvenile should be removed to a suitable location within the school (e.g., principal’s office, detention room, dean’s office, etc.) to verify their identification. When identification cannot be established or a parent/guardian cannot be notified, the juvenile in question will not be released but will?
    rather be transported to the nearest appropriate Department facility where a notification will be made to the Juvenile Crime Desk
  11. 215-08 On-line Juvenile Report System
    It is the responsibility of the resident precinct____________to approve an on-line follow up investigation utilizing __________.?
    • - school safety sergeant
    • -the Juvenile Follow-up Investigation application.
    • *This approval process will be completed within two (2) weeks from the date of the report, if possible.
  12. 215-08 On-line Juvenile Report System
    Review investigation of “Juvenile Report” by youth officer giving particular attention to ?
    • a. Parent/guardian contact as required by Cuevas v. Leary
    • b. Type of aid offered to parents/guardian and youth
    • c. Suitability of disposition.
  13. 215-08 On-line Juvenile Report System
    As required by “Cuevas v. Leary,” Commanding officers will ensure that all COMPLAINT REPORT WORKSHEETS andJUVENILE REPORT SYSTEM WORKSHEETS are purged from their respective commands’files for ALL youths who?
    • -reached their seventeenth (17th) birthday
    • - for all “unfounded,” “unsubstantiated,” andcomplaint withdrawn” CASES.
  14. 215-09 Juvenile Deliquent
    When a juvenile arrested for a designated felony, is a recidivist, commits a felony while awaiting trial on a violent offense, or the desk officer believes the juvenile is a danger to the community, the juvenile will be ?
    removed directly to Family Court or to Bridges Juvenile Center, if court is not in session.
  15. 215-11 Arrest of Child Unlawfully in Certain Licensed Prem
    Forward report of action taken to Chief of Department, Investigation Review Section, DIRECT, if premises is?
    • a. Catering establishment
    • b. Cabaret
    • c. Public dance hall.
  16. 215-15 Confiscation of New York City Transit Student Metro
    What times are student metro cards valid from?
    • -0530 to 2030 hours on school days
    • Night School Student Metro Cards are valid from 1300 to 0100 hours.
  17. 215-15 Confiscation of New York City Transit Student Metro
    WHO calls New York City Transit Fare Media Unit and when?
    • -UMOS
  18. 215-16 Public School-Related Crim Incidents
    WHEN does the precinct desk officer ensure that the precinct school safety sergeant is notified of any public school criminal-related incident ?
    • a. Occurring during non-school hours, e.g., burglary of a school on a weekend.
    • b. Occurring during school hours, where the school safety agent or precinct school safety sergeant may be unaware of the incident
  19. 215-17 Police Actions Bd of Ed Facilities
    When taking police action at Board of Education facilities:
    -Coordinate activities with School Safety Division personnel, if practicable, when taking police action WHERE?

    - Confer with principal/school staff, except if exigent circumstances exist,when?
    -on or contiguous to Board of Education property/facilities.

    - entering Board of Education school/facility to take police action.
  20. 215-18 Search Protocols for School Safety Agents
    WHEN will the School Safety Agent take control of and invoice the property under Board of Education procedures,
    if item is a violation of school rules and regulations only.
  21. I.O.21 s.06 Requests for assistance from ACS
    ACS Child Protection Specialists carry cellular telephones issued by their agency.Therefore, police officers may request that________contact the caller to obtain the Child Protection Specialist’s exact location.
    the communications section
  22. I.O.37 s.09 Juvenile Desk.
    Document the Juvenile Desk – Intake Log number in the ________ section ofthe JUVENILE REPORT SYSTEM WORKSHEET (PD377-159A), or in the __________ section of the COMPLAINT REPORT WORKSHEET(PD313-152A), and the _______section of the ON-LINE BOOKINGSYSTEM ARREST WORKSHEET (PD244-159).
  23. Interim Order 46(11) - Photographing Juveniles Charged as Juvenile Delinquents or Juvenile Offenders
    If juvenile arrest photographs were inadvertenly "accepted" when they should have been "rejected" it is incumbent upon the desk officer to prepare a TYPED LETTERHEAD addressed to the Director, Photographic Services explaining the reasons for the deletion. The TYPED LETTERHEAD must be forwarded where and how?
    emailed to the Photographic Unit at photounit@nypd.org
  24. Interim Order 46(11) - Photographing Juveniles Charged as Juvenile Delinquents or Juvenile Offenders
    In all cases in which photographs are taken of Juveniles as part of this procedure, the newly created _________
    must be used
    photograp background board
  25. Interim Order 46(11) - Photographing Juveniles Charged as Juvenile Delinquents or Juvenile Offenders
    If the Juvenile refuses to be photographed, the Arresting Officer will notify the Desk Officer. The Desk Officer will attempt to obtain compliance from the Juvenile. If the Juvenile continues to refuse to be photographed, the Desk Officer will ?
  26. 215-09 Juvenile Deliquent I.O.39 s.09
    When a group ofjuveniles is involved in the same incident the Desk Officer will?
    Confer with youth officer and precinct detectives
  27. 215-09 Juvenile Deliquent I.O.39 s.09
    A person in need of supervision will NOT be taken into custody without?
    a court order.
  28. 215-12 Recog JD I.O.41 s.09
    During business hours, the Family Court Liaison Officer will be called to verify receipt of all reports faxed to him/her. How is receipt indicated of all reports during non-business hours?
    The fax transmittal receipt will be obtained and attached to the court package
  29. 215-15 Confiscation of New York City Transit Student Metrocard
    Have original and first copy of SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION PASS CONFISCATION REPORT with confiscated card forwarded where?
    Transit Bureau, Patrol Operations
  30. 215-16 Public School-Related Crim Incidents
    Where do you indicate the student’s name (as victim or suspect) on the SCHOOLSAFETY DIVISION CRIMINAL INCIDENT REPORT for the following offenses :
    2) Trespass
    3) Disorderly Conduct
    4) Harassment
    5) Loitering
    6) Marijuana.
    YOU DON'T...Such victims will be indicated by use of the term “person(s) known to this Department.”
  31. 215-16 Public School-Related Crim Incidents
    Where does the PRECINCT SCHOOL SAFETY SERGEANT obtain the SSD Operations Center serial number?
    From School Safety Division Operations Center
  32. 215-16 Public School-Related Crim Incidents
    precinct crime analyst and Patrol BoroughPattern Identification Module
  33. 215-18 Search Protocols for School Safety Agents
    During NON-emergency situations, when a SCHOOL SAFETY AGENT has reasonable suspicion that a student’s locker contains contraband and a search is to be conducted, who MUST be present during the search ?
    the principal or designee must be present while the search of the locker is conducted.
  34. 215-19 Abandoned Infants Safe Haven
    Who makes Determine if probable cause exists to make an arrest?
  35. 215-19 Abandoned Infants Safe Haven
    Who will immediately notify the precinct detective squad?
    The DESK OFFICER-(If necessary the precinct detective squad will notify the Missing Persons Squad.)
  36. 215-20 Requests for Info from Dept of Ed re No Child Lef B
    Which sex offenses are included as a Qualifying Incident in this procedure?
    sex offense involving forcible compulsion
  37. 215-20 Requests for Info from Dept of Ed re NoChild Left
    How may a request to confirm that a qualifying incident has occurred at a New York City Public School be recieved by this Department and by WHOM?
    Verbal, faxed or written request from that school’s principal or his/her authorized designee
  38. 215-20 Requests for Info from Dept of Ed re No Child Lef
    Should the principal or designee request information beyond whether a qualifying incident has been reported, such as the alleged details of an incident or the progress of an investigation, the member will confer with WHO?
    Both the detective assigned and the Deputy Commissioner, Legal Matters.
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