Anaphylaxis MEDIC12

  1. Initial Exposure
    1st time exposed to an antigen
  2. Sensitization
    during initial exposure, wh/ may last several days, body is sensitied to an antigen
  3. Anaphylaxis
    an exagerated response to an antigen. it must be systemic & impact the airway
  4. Allergic Reaction
    the response of the body to an antigen
  5. SRS-A
    • slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis
    • potent bronchoconstrictor & inflammatory agent released by mast cells; an important mediator of allergic bronchial asthma
  6. ECF
    • eosinphil chemotactic factor
    • substrate released from mast cells & basophils during anaphylaxis which attracts eosinophils. a tetrapeptide mediator of immediate hypersensitivity.
  7. Immunity
    when the body does not respond to common antigens with an alergic response
  8. What is the primary cause of death from anaphylaxis due to? (what system failure)
    laryngeal edema & acute bronshospasm w/ respiratory failure (account for > 70%)
  9. What is the secondary cause of death from anaphylaxis from? (what system failure)
    circulatory collapse (accounts for 25%)
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Anaphylaxis MEDIC12
Anaphylaxis MEDIC12