1. What main symbol or representation was used for Israel's apostasy in Jeremiah (Jeremiah)
    An unfaithful wife
  2. Who was the king when Jeremiah began his labor? (Jer 1:2)
    "Josiah, son of Amon"
  3. What excuse did Jeremiah give for not being able to be God's prophet? (Jer 1:6)
    """I am a child"""
  4. How did the Lord answer Jeremiah's objection to being prophet? (Jer 1:9)
    He would put words in Jeremiah's mouth
  5. What was the Lord's promise to Jeremiah if he spoke up? (Jer 1:19)
    His enemies would fight but not prevail against him
  6. What was perhaps the most evil of all the sins of Judah? (Jer 7:31)
    They were sacrificing their children
  7. What was Jeremiah supposed to hide in a hole of a rock by the Euphrates? (Jer 13:1-7)
    A linen girdle
  8. What was Jeremiah told not to pray for? (Jer 14:11)
    For the good of the people
  9. What kind of an arrangement did the Lord tell Jeremiah not to enther that prophets normally already do? (Jer 16:1-2)
  10. What was Jeremiah supposed to observe and then go and tell the Israelites that God would treat them the same way? (Jer 18:1-10)
    A potter crushing clay
  11. What was Jeremiah supposed to do to demonstrate what the Lord would do to Jerusalem that could not be undone? (Jer 19:10-11)
    Break a bottle
  12. Who smote Jeremiah and put him in stocks? (Jer 20:2)
  13. What would happen to Pashur? (Jer 20:6)
    "His house would go into captivitiy, he would go to Babylon, die, and be buried"
  14. In the latter days, people will no longer say, ""The Lord lives that brought up Israel from Egypt."" What will people say? (Jer 23:7-8)
    The Lord liveth who brough the seed of Israel from the north country and all countries into their own land
  15. What happened to Jeremiah's contemporary, the prophet Urijah, who had prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem? (Jer 26:23)
    "Jehoiakim the King slew him with a sword, his body was cast into a common grave"
  16. What three things did Hananiah prophesy? (Jer 28:1-4)
    "Vessels of the Lord's house would be returned, captives of Judah would be returned to Babylon, yoke of the king of Babylon would be broken"
  17. What would happen to the flase prophet Hananiah? (Jer 28:15-16)
    He would die within a year
  18. Even though God would take them captive into Babylon, what did He also promise?
    They would have peace then be returned to their land
  19. How long would they stay in captivity? (Jer 29:10)
    70 years
  20. What did the king do with the roll (book) that Jeremiah's scribe had written? (Jer 36:25-27)
    He burned it
  21. Who was Jeremiah's scribe for at least some of his work? (Jer 36:32)
  22. What did Zedekiah and his court do to Jeremiah for preaching? (Jer 37&38)
    Cast him into prison
  23. What did Jeremiah tell the people who were going to Babylon? (Jer 29:5-6)
    "Settle down, have families, plant gardens, etc"
  24. What to choices did the Babylonians give Jeremiah after they had captured Jerusalem (Jer 40:4)
    Go with him to Babylon or wander off
  25. What did the Babylonians do to Jeremiah when they captrued Judea? (Jer 40:1-5)
    Freed him
  26. When Gedaliah was warned by two individuals that Ishmael was sent to kill him, what did Gedaliah do? (Jer 40:14-15)
    He didn't believe them
  27. Who killed Gedaliah? (Jer 41:2)
  28. What happened so that Gedaliah stopped serving the Babylonians? (Jer 41:2-3)
    Ishmael killed him
  29. What did the Lord through Jeremiah tell Johanan to do? (Jer 42:10-16)
    "Stay put, don't be afraid, and don't go into Egypt"
  30. "When in Egypt, what did Jeremiah prophesy would happen? (Jer 43:10-13)"
    the king of Babylon would smite the land of Egypt
  31. What did the Lord tell the Jews who had fled to Egypt? (Jer 44:12-14)
    they would all be punished and die
  32. What did the Lord promise Baruch? (Jer 45:5)
    That he would live
  33. What happened to the sons of Zedekiah? (Jer 52:10)
    They were killed
  34. What happened to Jehoiachin? (Jer 52:31-34)
    "He was released, given food and clothes"
  35. Who wrote the book of Lamentations?
    "Jeremiah, presumably"
  36. Where was Ezekiel when the heavens opened and he saw the visions of God?(Ezek 1:1-3)
    Among captives by the river of Chebar
  37. In what year did Ezekiel have his first vision?
    13th year of captivity
  38. What did Ezekiel see come out of the fire in his first vision? (Ezek 1:4-5)
    four living creatures that looked like men
  39. What was on the scroll that Ezekiel was to eat? (Ezek 2:10)
    "lamentations, mourning, and woe"
  40. How did the scroll taste that Ezekiel was required to eat? (Ezek 3:3)
    sweet like honey
  41. How can a person deliver their own soul? (Ezek 3:18-21)
    Warning the wicked?
  42. What was Ezekiel supposed to portray on the clay tablet? (Ezek 4:1-8)
    Jerusalem being destroyed
  43. "When Ezekiel refused to eat the defiled bread, what compromise did the Lord offer him so he would eat? (Ezek 4:9-15)"
    "They could eat bread, meat, water by measure"
  44. "What did Ezekiel symbolize when he shaved all his hair off, divided it into three parts, with one part being burned, another part being cut up with a knife, and the third scattered to the wind? (Ezek 5:1-5&12)"
    The destruction of Jerusalem
  45. How would the altars and idols in Judah be desecrated? (Ezek 6:5)
    carcases of children and bones would be spread around it
  46. Where did Ezekiel go in vision? (Ezek 8:3)
    "Between earth and sky, to the seat of the image of jealousy"
  47. Name two of the abominations that the people were committing that Ezekiel was shown by the Lord.
    Worshipping the sun, weeping for an amorite idol"
  48. When the Lord sent the men throughout the city after the man with the inkhorn, how did they know which ones to kill? (Ezek 9:5-7)
    There would be a mark on the foreheads of people they shouldn't kill
  49. What will happen to Jaazaniah and the other leaders of Jerusalem who said that they were the flesh and Jerusalem was their caldron? (Ezek 11:2-11)
    They would fall by the sword
  50. What will the Lord do for those scattered among the heathens? (Ezek 11:15-16)
    The Lord will be their sanctuary
  51. What sign was being given to the house of Israel when Ezekiel brought forth his staff by day and digged through the wall at twilight? (Ezek 12:3-13)
    the prince would do the same
  52. With what do the false prophets daub the wall? (Ezek 13:9-16)
    untempered morter
  53. Who would not be able to save the Israelites if they were still alive? (Ezek 14:12-21)
    "Noah, Daniel, and Job"
  54. What good is the wood of a vine? (Ezek 15:1-5)
  55. Why did Ezekiel give the allegory of Jerusalem in Ezekil 16? (Ezek 16:15-34)
    it was the word of God?
  56. "Who are Jerusalem's mother and father? (Ezekiel 16:3, 45)
    The Amorite and Hittite
  57. Name three things that Jerusalem did to dishonor her husband in Ezekiel 16? (Ezek 16:15-34)
    "Dressed like a harlot, ""poured out fornications on everyone who passed by"", sacrificed unto sons and daughters"
  58. Who are Jerusalem's sisters? (Ezek 16:46)
    Samaria and Sodom
  59. List some of the sins mentioned in Ezekiel 22:1-1
    "idol worship, profaned sabbath, bloodshedding, lewdness, adultry"
  60. Who are Aholah and Aholibah? (Ezek 23:4)
    Samaria and Jerusalem
  61. What will Ammon, Moab, Edom, and Philistia share according to Ezekiel 25?
    The Lord's vengeance
  62. Which two nations are singled out most often for destruction? (Ezek 26-32)
    Egypt & Tyrus
  63. Why was God upset with Egypt? (Ezek 29:6-7)
    They had been a weak reed
  64. What was supposed to happen to the Egyptians after Babylon brings the sword to Egypt and destroys it? (Ezek 30:23)
    They would be scattered
  65. "If the watchman does not blow the trumpet and the iniquitous man is captured by the enemy, at whose hand will the Lord require the iniquitous man's blood? (Ezek 33:6)"
    The watchman's
  66. "If you don't do your home teaching, what might happen? (Ezek 33:6)"
    You could be punished for what they didn't learn
  67. What does God find no pleasure in? (Ezek 33:11)
    The death of the wicked
  68. Whereby shall the wicked live? (Ezek 33:19)
    "By doing what is right, turning from wickedness"
  69. What will God require at the hand of the shepherd? (Ezek 34:10)
    His flock
  70. Why will the Lord gather his scattered people again? (Ezek 36:21-24)
    For His name's sake
  71. Besides the resurrection, what do the dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1014 represent?"
    The restoration of the House of Israel
  72. What is Ezekiel supposed to do with the two pieces of wood after they have been written on? (Ezekiel 37:17)
    Join them together
  73. Why did God hide his face from Israel? (Ezek 39:23-24)
    They had trespassed against Him
  74. By which temple gate is the Lord to enter his temple? (Ezek 43:4)
    The one facing east
  75. Which temple gate is to be closed and why will it not be used? (Ezek 44:1-3)
    The one facing east; the Lord had entered it
  76. Why will the priests have no inheritance or possession in Israel? (Ezek 44:28)
    The Lord is their inheritance and possession
  77. "According to Obadiah, why will Edom be destroyed? (Obad 10)
    For their violance toward Jacob
  78. Who shall judge the mount of Esau? (Obad 21),
  79. What should we behold upon the mountains? (Nahum 1:15)
    the feet of him that bringeth good tidings and publishes peace
  80. To what will the Chaldeans ascribe their victories? (Hab 1:11)
    their own power?
  81. What will the Lord turn to the people in the latter days? (Zeph 3:9)
    a pure language
  82. What will Zion no longer see when the king of Israel shall reign? (Zeph 3:15)
  83. In what year did Haggai receive the word of the Lord? (Hag 1:1)
    the second year of Darius' reign
  84. What did the people need to do to bring fertility to the land again? (Hag 1:7-11)
    They were attending to their own homes instead of the house of the lord
  85. What will happen to the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem? (Hag 2:9)
    It will be filled with peace and be more glorious than the former
  86. Who was the king when Zechariah preached? (Zech 1:1)
  87. What did the four horses do? (Zech 1:8-11)
    stood among myrtle trees
  88. What are the four horns (Zech 1:18-19)
    "those that have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem?"
  89. What are the eyes? (Zech 3:9)
    The omniscience of the Lord
  90. "What are the two olive trees? (Zech 4:3, 14)"
    the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord
  91. "What is the flying roll? (Zech 5:1, 3)"
    the curse on they who sin
  92. "What are the red, black, white, and grisled horses? (Zech 6:1-5)"
    the four spirits of the heavens
  93. How much was the man worth who wanted to be paid? (Zech 11:12-13)
    30 pieces of silver
  94. What will happen to the 30 pieces of silver paid to the man? (Zech 11:13)
    given to the potter
  95. How will the Jews of Jerusalem recognize the Savior? (Zech 13:6)
    by the wounds in his hands
  96. What was wrong with the offerings being offered on the altars? (Mala 1:8)
    "They were broken, blind, lame, torn, etc."
  97. What did God say about the priests and their Levitical covenante? (Mala 2:8-9)
    "They were corrupt, they had caused many to stumble, they had been partial in the law"
  98. What shall happen before the Lord comes suddenly to his temple? (Mala 3:1)
    His messenger will come to prepare the way before Him
  99. Why will it be difficult to abide the day of the Lord's coming? (mala 3:2)
    He will be the refiner's fire and fuller's soap
  100. What shall the Lord refine and purify when He comes? (mala 3:3)
    the sons of Levi
  101. Wherein did the Israelites rob God? (Mala 3:8)
    in tithes and offerings
  102. Who shall come before the coming of the day of the Lord? (mala 4:5)
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