Visual & Auditory Disorders

  1. Astigmatism

    Defect in the curvature of the eyeball
  2. Clinical Manifestations:
    Blurring of vision

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  3. Audiometry
    Testing of hearing

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  4. Cataract

    Clouding of lens
  5. Clinical Manifestations:
    - Symptoms are painless

    - Blurred Vision

    - Difficult reading fine print

    - Diplopia ( Double Vision )

    - Photosensitivity

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  6. Conjunctivitis
    • Etiology:
    • Inflammation of the conjunctiva

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  7. Cryotherapy

    A procedure in which a topical anesthetic is used so that a cryoprobe can be placed directly on the surface of the eye

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  8. Diabetic Retinotherapy
    • Etiology:
    • Disorder of retinal blood vessels characterized by capillary microaneurysms, hemorrhage, exudates, and the formation of new vessels and connective tissue.
  9. Clinical Manifestations:
    In the advanced stages the pt has progressive vision loss and the presence of "floaters," which are minute products of hemorrhage.

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  10. Enucleation

    Surgical removal of eye ball

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  11. Exophthalmos

    An abnormal condition characterized by a marked protrusion of the eyeballs

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  12. Glaucoma

    -An abnormal condition of elevated pressure within an eye because of obstruction of the outflow of aqueous humor

    -Damage of the optic nerve
  13. Signs & Symptoms:
    - Note time of day eye pain occurs

    - Complaints of peripheral vision loss

    - Halos seen around lights

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  14. Hyperopia

    Farsightedness; Can only see far objects

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  15. Keratitis

    An inflammation of the cornea
  16. Signs & Symptoms
    - Eye Pain

    - Redness

    - Decreased Vision

    - Dry Eye Syndrome

    - Blepharitis ( inflammation of eyelids )
  17. Keratoplasty

    Excision of the corneal tissue, followed by surgical implantation of a cornea from another human donor

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  18. Labyrinthitis

    Inflammation of the labyrinthine canals of the inner ear

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  19. Mastoiditis

    Infection of one of the mastoid bones

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  20. Miotics

    Causing constriction of the pupil of the eye

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  21. Mydriatic
    • Etiology:
    • Causing pupillary dilation

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  22. Myopia

    Nearsightedness; Can only see near
  23. Myringotomy

    A surgical incision of the tympanic membrane to relieve pressure and release purulent exudate from the middle ear
  24. Radial Keratotomy

    Microscopic incisions on the surface of the cornea outside the optical area. These eight spokelike incisions flatten the cornea to a more normal curvature, thus reducing or eliminationg myopia ( nearsightedness )

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  25. Retinal Detachment

    Separation of the retina from the choroid in the posterior of the eye
  26. Signs & Symptoms:
    -Patient complainting of flashing lights unilaterally and floaters

    - Loss of a specific field of vision

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  27. Sjogren Syndrome

    Dry eye syndrome

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  28. Snellen's Test

    Eye chart test

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  29. Stapedectomy:

    The removal of the stapes of the middle ear and insertion of a graft and prosthesis ( a device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for orsupplements a missing or defective part of the body )

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  30. Strabismus

    Cross - Eyed

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  31. Tinnitus

    A subjective noise sensation in one or both ears; Ringing sound in the ear
  32. Tympanoplasty

    One of several operative procedures on the eardrum or ossicles (a small bone) of the middle ear designed to restore or improve hearing in patients with conductive hearing loss

    Simple Def: Tympanoplasty is a surgery done to repair the eardrum and middle ear bones. The eardrum and bones are necessary to hear.

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  33. Vertigo

    The sensation that the outer world is revolving about oneself or that one is moving in space

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