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  1. What % of all strokes are ischemic? The rest are?
    87% = ischemic. Rest = hemorragic
  2. What are risks for a thrombotic stroke?
    older age, high cholesterol, HTN
  3. What are risks for a emboliic stroke?
    often cardiogenic: Afib, mechanical valves, endocarditis, ASD
  4. What's the time frame to give tPA?
    3 hours, 4.5 if not >80 y, taking oral anticoagulants, NIHSS score >25, hx of DM + CVA
  5. What's the biggest risk of IV rtPA, esp if given after 3 hours after onset of sxs?
    intracerebral hemorrhage
  6. What's the advantage of intra-arterial rtPA?
    directly to site of occlusion = smaller dose = samller systemic effect, also can give up to 6 hrs after sx onset
  7. a MERCI Retriever can be used up to ? hrs after sx onset?
    8 (also benefit is less risk of causing hemorrage)
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