1. The attachment to the tendon of the moveable bone is the ____
  2. The attachment to the tendon of the stationary bone is the ____
  3. Origin is usually distal or proximal?
  4. Insertion is usually distal or proximal?
  5. The pectoralis minor origin and insertion?
    • Origin: 2-5th ribs, 3-5th, or 2-4th ribs
    • Insertion: Medial border of coracoid process of scapula
  6. Which muscles is affected in winged scapula?
    Serratus anterior.
  7. Name the muscles corresponding to the numbers.
    Image Upload 1
    • 1)levator scapulae
    • 2)deltoid
    • 3) infraspinatus
    • 4)teres minor
    • 5) teres major
    • 6) levator scapulae
    • 7) infraspinatus
    • 8) teres major
    • 9) supraspinatus
    • 10)teres minor
  8. In punching or a "push-up" the shoulder is doing what action?
    abduction (protraction) scapula moving laterally and anteriorally
  9. When pulling the oars of a boat, what actions is the scapula doing?
    adduction (retraction) --> scapula moving medially and posteriorally
  10. When lifting a wt over the head, the scapula is doing what?
  11. When pulling down on a pulley, the scapula is doing what?
  12. What muscles attach to the medial (vertebral) border of the scapula, whose origins are in the cervical and thoracic vertebrae?
    Image Upload 2
  13. What muscle originates in the superior 4 or 5 veebtrae and inserts at the superior vertebral border of the scapula?
    • Image Upload 3
    • Levator scapulae
  14. What muscles are anterior to the subscapularis?
    Image Upload 4Serratus Anterior
  15. Where does the serratus anterior originate and insert?
    • Origin: superior 8-9 ribs
    • Insertion: Vertebral border & inferior angle of scapula.
  16. Where does the roator cuff muscles insert?
    • SIT: greater tubercle of humerus
    • Subscap: lesser tubercle of humerus
  17. What action does the subscapularis do when it contracts?
    Medially roates arm at shoulder joint.
  18. Where does the rhomboid minor originate?
    C7 and T1
  19. Where does the rhomboid major originate?
  20. How many muscles originate from the scapula. Name them.
    7: Deltoid, SITS, Teres major, Coracobrachialis
  21. Which muscles is the "swimmer's muscle?"
    Latissimus dorsi.
  22. Where does the deltoid insert?
    Detloid tuberosity of humerus.
  23. How many heads does the deltoid have?
    • 3:
    • Anterior: originates in lateral 1/3 of clavicle
    • Lateral: Originates in acromion
    • Posterior: originates in spine of scapula
  24. Supraspinatus is deep to which other muscle?
  25. What other muscle helps medially rotate the shoulder beside the subscapularis?
    anterior fibers of the deltoid.
  26. What action does the supraspinatus do?
    Abducting the arm.
  27. Which 3 muscles help laterally rotate the arm?
    Posterior fibers of the deltoid, infraspinatus, teres minor.
  28. Which muscles help abduct the arm?
    Supraspinatus and lateral fibers of deltoid
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