1. a literary classic
    works that have overlived thier time and continue to be relevant
  2. genre
    • major topics of liturature
    • ie poem novel short story
  3. epic poem
    • a long narraitve poem reconunting the actions and adventures of a hero who exemplifies strength courage and cunning
    • but not neccessarily moral virtues
  4. gilgamesh
    • story of tyrannical king who lived arround 4000 years ago
    • gilgamesh and enkindu are often said to symbolize parts of one person
  5. homer
    said to be the author of the iliad
  6. iliad
    • the song of ilion (troy)
    • achilles hector paris and the three gods
  7. haiku
    • founded on oneness with nature
    • 17 syllables in three lines 5,7,5
  8. sonnet
    • a fourteen line poetic formed by francesco petrarca
    • common form is the imabic pentameter
  9. sappho
    may be the first poet on record to write about deeply emotional feelings
  10. metaphors vs conceit
    a form of expression in which something is explained in terms of something else a conceit in an extremely elaborateded association between these two things
  11. novel
    essentially a lond narrative
  12. short story
    essentially an american invention describes one central action
  13. novella
    longer than a short story shorter than a novel
  14. iambic pentameter
    a style in which each line has fie repetitions of an unstressed followed by a stressed syllable each pair of syllables are called a foot
  15. epiphany
    a sudden insight into life or human nature that often serves as the cllimax in a work of fiction
  16. cervantes
    spanish novelist wrote magnum opus, Don Quixote, considered the first modern European novel
  17. Shirley Jackson
    author of "the lottery" a story about small town that drew from some lottery. the winner was stoned to death at the end of the story
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