sexual psychology chapter 4

  1. Clitoris
    A highly sensitive structure of the female external genitals, the only function of which is sexual pleasure
  2. Vaginal lubrication
    The Bartholins glands used to be thought of as producing lubrication in the vagina; enhances the possibility of con-ception by helping to alkalinize the normally acidic vaginal chemical balance
  3. Hysterectomy
    Surgical removal of the uterus; it does not affect the sensitivity of the clitorus
  4. factors influencing the onset of menarche
    The initial onset of menstrual periods in a young woman; The timing of menarche appears to be related to heredity, general health, and altitude
  5. Decisions about hormone therapy (HT)
    The use of supplemental hor-mones during and after meno-pause or following surgical removal of the ovaries
  6. The breast
    mammary glands produce milk(fatty tissue determines size), areola is darker area, nipple has 12 to 15 openings for milk
  7. menstration process
    the hypothalemus releases GnRH to the pituitary, the pituitary then releases FSH to affect the ovary, The FSH then affects estrogen to be released in the endometrium, then LH(from the pituitary) triggers the ovulation
  8. menstrual physiology
    flow lasts from 2 to 6 days, volume varies (6 to 8 ounces), duration varies (24 to 42 days)
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sexual psychology chapter 4
sexual psychology chapter 4