developmental psych

  1. allele
    a third of genes have 2 or more different forms
  2. dominant allele
    the allele that, if present, gets expressed
  3. recessive allele
    the allele thats not expressed if a dominant allele is present
  4. homozygous
    a person inherits either 2 of the same allele
  5. heterozygous
    a person inherits different forms of a gene from parents
  6. ability to roll your tongue
    dominant trait
  7. having straight hair
    recessive trait
  8. genetic expression
    • -a single gene can affect multiple traits
    • - both alleles can be fully expressed or blended
    • - most behavioral traits like shyness involve contributions of several genes
  9. behavioral genetics
    study of the effects of hereditary behavior and psychological characteristics
  10. polygenic traits
    a combination of multiple gene pairs is responsible for the production of a particular trait
  11. mendelian inheritance patterns
    each allele from both parents gets distrubuted resulting in 4 combinations (Bb and Bb = BB, Bb, Bb, and bb)
  12. PKU phlenylketonuira
    recessive disorder in which phenylalanine cannot be metabolized, and with a normal diet, mental retardation results.
  13. hemophilia
    X linked disorder in which blood does not clot normally
  14. red green color blindness
    x linked disorder
  15. fragile x syndrome
    x linked disorder involving a mental retardation
  16. x linked disorders
    linked to the x chromosome, thus expressed more often in men
  17. down syndrome
    a disorder produced by the presence of an extra chromosome on the 21st chromosome pair
  18. symptoms of down syndrome (4 of them)
    • - distinctive facial features
    • - slow motor development
    • - some degree of mental retardation
    • - mild temperment
  19. turners syndrome
    absence of one X chromosome in female

    • - tend to have broad chests, short, webbing of the neck & drooping eyelids
    • - ovaries fail to develop
    • - deficiencies in spatial perception
  20. XYY syndrome
    an extra Y chromosome in males

    - above average stature, speech delay, learning disabilities, behavior disturbance
  21. klinefelters syndrome
    an extra x chromosome in males

    - somewhat feminized body build, incomplete development of sex characteristics at puberty
  22. human genome project
    scientific mission to create a directory of the genes that can be used ot answer questions such as what specific genes do and how they work
  23. human genome project challenges
    • - discover the hereditary genes that contributes to common diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, mental illness and cancer
    • - develop new approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease
    • - discover interaction between the susceptibility genes and their interaction with the environment
    • - promote early detection of the genetic diseases
    • - develop technology that can sequence entire genome of any person for less than $1,000.
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