English Vocab Part 2

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  1. Giddy
    Affected with dizzy; frivously; impulsive; because of excitement.
  2. Canape
    A thin piece of bread topped with savory foods.
  3. Creosote
    An oily liquid having a buring taste and penetrating odor.
  4. Bonanza
    A source of great and sudden wealth or luck; jackpot.
  5. Tragic Flaw
    The character defect that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy.
  6. Imbecilic
    Stupid; absurd.
  7. Lox
    A kind of brine-cured slamon.
  8. Catatonic
    A syndrome characterized by muscular rigidity and mental stupor, sometimes alternating with great excitement and confusion.
  9. Scurry
    To move quickly or in haste.
  10. Banshee
    (In Irish folklore) a spirit in the form of a wailing woman.
  11. Asbestos
    A mineral. A fibrous mineral formerly used for making fireproof articles. It's a toxic fibre.
  12. Pilgrimage
    Any long journey, especially one undertaken for a votive purpose, as to pay homage.
  13. Loll
    To recline in a relaxed manner.
  14. Jambalaya
    A mix of things; jumbled.
  15. Foundry
    Casting; the catergory of metal objects made by founding (to melt and pour into a mold).
  16. Vigilant
    Keenly watchful to detect danger.
  17. Bourgeois
    A member of the middle-class.
  18. symbiosis
    any interdependent relationship between two persons.
  19. Exorbitant
    Exceeding the bounds of reason/custom.
  20. Spurious
    Not genuine; conterfeit.
  21. Hacienda
    A spanish farm house.
  22. Squalid
    Foul and repulsive, as from lack of care.
  23. Segue
    To make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption.
  24. Opalescent
    Having a milky iridescene.
  25. Preen
    To dress oneself carefully/smartly.
  26. Luxuriant
    Richly abundant.
  27. Glacial
    Icily unsympathetic.
  28. Disconcerting
    To throw into disorder/confusion; perturb.
  29. Sullen
    Showing irritation by a gloomy silence.
  30. Blatant
  31. Lucid
    Characterized by clear perception/understanding; sane.
  32. Sustenance
    Nourishment; food.
  33. Entreprenurial
    A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
  34. Innocuously
  35. Mercenary
    Working/acting merely for money/reward.
  36. Naught
    Of no importance; worthless.
  37. Transgression
    To violate a law/command/moral code; sin.
  38. Surreptitious
    Acting in a stealthy way.
  39. Appropriate
    To set apart for some specific purpose; belonging to a person.
  40. Etheral
  41. Cooper
    A person who makes or repairs casks, barrels, etc,.
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