Respiratory Terms Test

  1. Dyspnea
    abnormal breathing; shortness of breath
  2. Bacilli
  3. Larynx
    Voice Box
  4. Rhinoplasty
    surgical repair of the nose, nose job
  5. Pleural effusion
    fluid in the pleural cavity
  6. Adenoids
    lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx
  7. Bronchoscopy
    visual exam of the bronchial tubes with a scope
  8. Expectoration
  9. Hypoxia
    lack of oxygen to tissue
  10. tonsillectomy
    surgical removal of tonsils
  11. epiglottis
    lid like piece of cartilage that covers the larynx
  12. diaphragm
    muscle separating the chest and the abdomen
  13. auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body with a stethescope
  14. asthma
    chronic bronchial inflammatory disorder with bronchial edema
  15. emphysema
    hyperinflation of air sacs with destruction of alveolar walls
  16. cilia
    tiny hairs that line the respiratory tract
  17. trachea
  18. pleural
    pertaining to the pleura
  19. pneumonia
    acute inflammation and infection of the alveoli
  20. alveoli
    air sacs in the lungs
  21. bronchiecstasis
    chronic dilation of the bronchus secondary to infection
  22. anosmia
    lack of sense of smell
  23. phrenic
    pertaining to the diaphragm
  24. pneumothorax
    air in the chest cavity
  25. purulent
    containing pus
  26. rales
    crackling in the lungs
  27. auscultation
    listening to sounds within the body with a stethescope
  28. pulmonary infarction
    death of lung tissue
  29. adenoid hypertrophy
    over growth of the adenoids
  30. tachypnea
    rapid breathing
  31. pleurodynia
    pain in the lungs
  32. pulmonary embolism
    blood clot in the lungs
  33. pulmonary edema
    swelling of fluid in the lung tissue
  34. pulmonary abscess
    collection of pus in the lungs
  35. COPD
    obstruction of airflow through the bronchial tubes
  36. PFT
    tests that measure ventilation mechanics in the lungs
  37. URI
    infection in the upper respiratory tract
  38. ARDS
    acute respiratory distress syndrome
  39. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  40. CPAP
    continuous positive airway pressure
  41. RSV
    respiratory syncytial virus
  42. VATS
    video assisted thoracic surgery
  43. RDS
    Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  44. DOE
    dyspnea on exertion
  45. PFTs
    Pulmonary Function Tests
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