MGMT Test 2 Study Question

  1. The ____ is a type of operational plan that saves managers time because it is created once and then used repeatedly to handle frequently recurring events.
    standing plan
  2. The European Union encourages companies to abandon national boundaries and offer the same products to all of the member countries. Allianz, Germany's largest insurance group, is considering converting from a German company to a European company. If it makes this decision rationally, it will first ____.
    identify problems arising from tax and regulatory issues
  3. A(n) ____ strategy is a corporate strategy that addresses the question "How should we compete in this industry?"
  4. Cost leadership, differentiation, and focus are the three types of
    ____ strategies discussed in the text.
  5. In terms of Hofstede’s cultural differences, the people who are described as happy-go-lucky and are people who are comfortable with an unstructured life and deal well with sudden changes. In terms of Hofstede’s cultural differences, these people have a ____.
    low degree of uncertainty avoidance
  6. A Baton Rouge based cosmetics company that is considering entering the European market would be especially interested in the discretionary income within that region. In other words, which of the following would be a determining factor in its global strategy?
    purchasing power
  7. A ____ strategy is a broad corporate-level strategic plan used to achieve strategic goals and guide the strategic alternatives that managers of individual businesses or subunits may use.
  8. Which of the following is an example of a common approach to corporate-level strategy?
    positioning strategies
    adaptive strategies
    ROI strategies
    grand strategies
    none of these
    grand strategies
  9. Nearly all technology cycles follow the typical ____ pattern of
  10. Russia imposed limits on how much poultry, beef, and pork
    could be imported into the nation from the European Union (EU) in retaliation to limits the EU placed on how much grain Russia could export. What type of nontariff barrier did Russia use to control the amount of poultry, beef, and port it imported from the EU?
  11. Which of the following represents the correct sequence for the phase model of globalization?
    exporting; cooperative contracts; strategic alliances; wholly-owned affiliates
  12. When McDonald's entered into an agreement with a French entrepreneur who wanted to own and operate a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Paris, McDonald’s saw the new restaurant as an opportunity. Unfortunately, the restaurant in Paris was not maintained at the cleanliness standards prescribed by McDonald's (but acceptable to the cleanliness standards of the French). McDonald's brought legal action to have the restaurant closed. This example illustrates ____.
    a problem with franchising in different cultures
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