Anatomy & Physiology 1

  1. Muscles of Facial Expression
  2. Occipitalis Frontalis
    Pull scapula posteriorly; lifts eyebrows
  3. Obicularis oculi
    Closes eye
  4. Obicularis oris
    Closes lip
  5. Zygomaticus major
    Elevates and abducts upper lip
  6. Platysma
    Depresses lower lip; wrinkles skin of the neck and upper chest
  7. Buccinator
    Retracts angle of mouth; flattens cheek
  8. Levator labii superioris
    Elevates angle of mouth
  9. Depressor labii inferioris
    Depresses angle of mouth
  10. Mentalis
    Elevates and wrinkles skin over chin; portrudes lower lip
  11. Risorius
    Abducts angle of mouth
  12. Muscles of Mastication
  13. Masseter
    Elevates and protracts mandible; involved in excursion
  14. Temporalis
    Elevates and retracts mandible; involved in excursion
  15. Lateral (internal) pterygoids
    Potracts and depresses mandible, involved in excursion
  16. Medial (internal) pterygoids
    Protracts and elevates mandible; involved in excursion
  17. Digastric
    Depresses and retracts mandible; elevates hyoid
  18. Buccinator
    Retracts angle of mouth; flattens cheek
  19. Extrinsic Tongue Muscles
  20. Genioglossus
    Depresses and potrudes tongue
  21. Styloglossus
    Retracts tongue
  22. Hyoglossus
    Retracts and depresses side of tongue
  23. Extrinsic Eye Muscles
  24. Superior Rectus
    Elevates and medially deviates gaze
  25. Medial Rectus
    Medially deviates gaze
  26. Inferior Rectus
    Depresses and medially deviates gaze
  27. Lateral Rectus
    Laterally deviates gaze
  28. Superior Oblique
    Depresses and laterally deviates gaze
  29. Inferior Oblique
    Elevates and laterally deviates gaze
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