1. A collision in which energy is not conserved is?
  2. What happens to kinetic energy in an inelastic collision?
    It is transformed into other types of energy such as thermal or potential.
  3. Is KE before equal to KE after in an Inelastic collision?
  4. If two objects stick together from a collision what type of collision was it?
    Completely inelastic
  5. In a completely inelastic collision is KE all transformed to other types of energy?
    Not always.
  6. Is Conservation of momentum true for inelastic collisions?
  7. Is total energy conserved in inelastic collisions?
    Yes total energy is always conserved.
  8. Is vector momentum conserved in inelastic collisions?
  9. What should you use to find how much KE is transformed to other types of E?
  10. What is the law of conservation of momentum?
    The total momentum of an isolated system of objects remains constant.
  11. When does conservation of momentum apply?
    When the next external force on a system is zero
  12. What is a conservative force?
    One in which the work done by the force in moving an object from one position to another depends only on the two positions and not on the path taken.
  13. Is the work done by a conservative force recoverable?
  14. Is potential energy a conservative force?
    Yes, potential energy is always associated with a conservative force.
  15. Does an object contain potential energy?
    No, potential energy is associated with the interaction of two or more objects.
  16. Define mechanical energy.
    The sum of kinetic and potential energies.
  17. Is mechanical energy always conserved?
    No mechanical energy is only conserved when only conservative forces act.
  18. What does the law of conservation of energy state?
    Change in Kinetic, plus change in potential, plus change in other types of energy equals zero.
  19. What is power?
    The rate at which work is done.
  20. Can total energy be increased or decreased in a process?
    No it can only be transformed from one form to another.
  21. What is another name for the dot product?
    Scalar product
  22. How do you solve for a dot product?
    |A||B|cos ?
  23. What is the work energy principle?
    Change in KE is equals to final KE minus initial KE
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