Vocab 6

  1. aggrandize
    to make more powerful
  2. allude
    to refer to inderectly
  3. attest
    to bear witness or give proof
  4. broach
    to introduce a subject
  5. conjecture
    to guess; to suppose
  6. decant
    to pour from one vessel to another
  7. disperse
    to scatter in all directions
  8. elicit
    to draw forthe
  9. encroach
    to trespass
  10. extradite
    to give up one prisoner to another
  11. fluster
    to make confused or nervous
  12. glean
    to collect patiently, laboriously
  13. impeach
    to challenge the honesty off
  14. incubate
    to cause to develope or take form
  15. inculcate
    to impress by persistent repetition
  16. mollify
    to soothe or pacify
  17. precipitate
    to cause to happen, to bring on
  18. purport
    to claim to be
  19. renege
    to go back on ones word
  20. revere
    to regard with deep respect
  21. ruminate
    to ponder, to meditate
  22. scintilate
    to sparkle, to flash
  23. truncate
    to shorten by cutting
  24. vegetate
    to lead a dull and inactive life
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