Zool325 Lab - Cat Muscle V

  1. Masseter
    Elevates the mandible

    HIS: Adductor mandibulae
  2. Digastric
    Depresses the mandible.

    HIS: Intermanibularis (in part)
  3. Sternomastoid
    • Bilateral action flexes the head,
    • unilaterally they turn to the head.

    HIS: Cucullaris
  4. Cleidomastoid
    • When the clavical is stationary - turns the head,
    • when the head is stationary - moves the clavicle anteriorly.

    HIS: Cucullaris
  5. Sternohyoid
    Retracts the hyoid.

    HIS: Coracohyoid/Coracoarcual
  6. Sternothyroid
    Retracts the larynx.

    HIS: Coracohyoid/Coracoarcual
  7. Mylohyoid
    Elevates the floor of the mouth.

    HIS: Intermandibularis.
  8. Cricothyroid
    Tenses the vocal chords.

    HIS: ?
  9. Parotid gland
    Mandibular gland
    Sublingual gland
    Produce salive for the lubrication, transportation and digestion of food.

    HIS: None
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Zool325 Lab - Cat Muscle V
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