Thano two quiz

  1. What are the three ways one can resolve grief through?
    • 1. predictability
    • 2. a sense of meaning
    • 3. restitution
  2. What kind of behavior would one find trying to find a sense of meaning
  3. Can the irretrievable bringing back of the deceased help with a sense of meaning?
  4. T/F if the deceased life has meaning the survivors life can take on meaning as well?
  5. What is restitution?
    a compelling need by which the individual attempts to restore inner psychological equilibrium, uniting past, present, and future in teh cycle from loss and the fear of loss to restitution.
  6. with creative restitution what behavior would you see.
    reorganization of ones life without which is lost.
  7. List the 7 types of restitution
    • 1. sense of meaning
    • 2. creativity
    • 3. mastery
    • 4. mental processes
    • 5. material objects
    • 6. relationships
    • 7. restoration of self esteem
  8. what is a healthy form of mitigation
    • children antics
    • pets
    • momentary distractions
  9. Unhealthy forms of mitigation include:
    alcohol abuse, drug abuse, eating abuse, or any other self damaging behavior
  10. can a healthy person regress and be helpless during a surge of grief/
  11. t/f a life review is not a way a fd can help a family cope
  12. helping with ones current care is a way a fd can help a family cope? with living trust or will?
    y, y
  13. give two ways a fd can help a family cope
    • 1. planning and education
    • 2. leaving legacies, via objects
  14. the functional role disruption
    to the extent that the deceased had a significant functional role, their death is going to create a corrisponding disturbance of functional equilibrium
  15. t/f will a less integrated family show less grief reaction
  16. what three characteristics might one find in a less integrated family?
    • delayed grief
    • masking behavior
    • misplaced anger.
  17. psychological needs of teh bereaved
    • 1. acceptance of the loss
    • 2. establish security and stability
    • 3. emotional support-feel important
    • 4. express emotion
    • 5. build new relationships
  18. list some factors that condition grief
    • 1. personality
    • 2. educational level
    • 3. social customs
    • 4. value structure of the community
    • 5. type of relationship with deceased
    • 6. mode of death
  19. what type of grief would one have for a long term natural death?
    anticipatory grief
  20. what kind of guilt would one have if there were a traumatic/accidental grief?
    survivors guilt
  21. if one died of homicide what kind of grief would they have
    acute grief
  22. what emotional states would one experience in a homicide?
    fear, hate , revenge, etc
  23. what grief would one have if the deceased comitted suicide?
  24. t/f a family may be drawn closer from the funeral
  25. t/f overt expressions of anger following a death are less common when the body is dealt with: failure to se the daead body generally retards grieving
  26. who the hell is dr edgar jackson
    pointed out that religious teachings about death are not always rational and helpful to the bereaved.
  27. what are some issues of priority regarding cultrual values
    • 1. material vs non material values
    • 2. life vs death values
    • 3. property values vs human/relationship values
    • 4. social interations vs withdrawal and isolation
  28. when did hospice start in US
    1968 in connecticut
  29. what is the average time spent on hospice
    30 days
  30. when would one be put on hospice
    when one has about 6 mo of life left
  31. a patient on hospice might experience these emotions
    • afraid of isolation
    • depressed withdrawn
    • lack of communication with others
    • losing control
    • uncertainty
  32. when would be a decent time to select widows for the widow to widow program
    • 1. arrangement conference
    • 2. verbally
    • 3. brochures
    • (set the mood and plant the idea)
  33. who would make up the core of the widows in the widow to widow program
    people who have gone through their grief process in a positive manner and are coping in a positive manner

    and you wanta balanced group
  34. what would be some topics to discuss in the widow to widow program
    • social security,
    • banking
    • finance
    • insurance
    • home and auto repair
    • police
    • safety
  35. what would be the ideal place for the widow to widow program
    neutral place
  36. what would be the starting amount of times one should go to the widow to widow program
    at least twice a week to start with
  37. what would be the funeral directors role be in the widow to widow program
    • set it up and get it going
    • catalyst or moderator
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