US HIS 202 Test 2 7.(Progressive Accomplishments)

  1. 16th Amendment
    1913, Income Tax
  2. 17th Amendment
    1913, Direct election of US Senators
  3. 18th Amendment
    1919, Prohibition, no legal sale of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is not evil but people abusing it can be. They eventually see that it doesn't work and got rid of it.
  4. 19th Amendment
    1920, Women Suffrage
  5. Municipal Reforms
    • City Commission, a hurricane wiped out Galveston Texas in 1900.
    • It killed hundreds maybe even thousands of people. Got rid of the mayor and the council, way of government in this town, so they make a city commission. Specialized workers, they worked certain areas of the city.
  6. Social Legislation
    These were the new child labor laws, etc. The 8 hour day becomes the national Norm.
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US HIS 202 Test 2 7.(Progressive Accomplishments)
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