Chapter 20 Vocabulary

  1. affluent
    abounding in wealth; properous flowing freely
  2. antiquity
    the quality of being ancient; anchient times
  3. blandishment
  4. chasten
    to disapline, to use punishment to correct behavior
  5. civility
    polite and couteous behavior
  6. congenial
    characterized by friendly socialbility
  7. deft
    skillful, adroit
  8. dispatch
    to send away with promtness or speed; speed, quickness
  9. emboil
    to entangle, to throw into confusion or strife
  10. expurgate
    to remove obscene or objectionable material usually before publication
  11. garner
    to gather together, to store up
  12. heretical
    countary to church doctrine or accepted beliefsor standards
  13. iconoclast
    one who attacks established beliefs or institutions
  14. irreproachable
    faultless, not discreditable
  15. mercurial
    changing inpredictably, fickle
  16. nuance
    a subtle distinction or difference
  17. partisan
    one who exibits extreme or possibility blind allegiance toa group or cause
  18. pious
    marked by showing zealous devotion to the rites of religion
  19. raucous
    loud and boisterous, harsh, disorderly
  20. repugnant
    disgusting, ofensive
  21. satiric
    characterized by satire ( a branch of lit ridiculing vice or folly)
  22. sporadic
    occationally occurring
  23. succulent
    very juicy
  24. terrestrial
    of the earth or pertaining to the earth
  25. ungainly
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