chem hw 15

  1. RQ 4:
    Are atoms made of molecules or are molecules made of atoms?
    Molecules ae made of atoms.
  2. RQ 5: How are the particles in a sold arranged differently from those in a liquid?
    Particles in a solid are closely packed. As the solid heats up the particles jiggle more and more and move apart further and the solid becomes a liquid.
  3. RQ: 6
    How does the arrangement of particles in a gas difer from the arrangements in liquids and solids?
    The particles in a gas are further apart than in a liquid, and the particles in a liquid are further apart than in a solid, in general. Water is an exception, when water freezes, it forms a crystal structure that is less dense than water.
  4. RQ: 7
    Which occupies the greatest volume: 1 gm of ice, 1 gm of liquid water, or 1 gm of water vapor?
    As stated in number 6, ice occupies the greatest volume.
  5. RQ 8
    What is a physical property?
    A physical property describes the look or feel of a substance such as color, hardness, density, texture or phase.
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