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    Robin Hood was a reasonable rebellion who listened to the radio while he played requetball. He had to redial the phone to his romantic refugee so they could have a ready-made rendezvous at the reception after the rummage sale. The refugee was right handed and a realist and told Robin Hood that she would be recognized and the reaction of the crowd would ratify her decision to be reasonable and stay home.
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    The rusty wrestler had a rosy ribbon from rapidly beading his opponent. Once he left the wreckage of the wrestling ring, he wanted to refill his rocket. To his relief, he had reminded the royal roadies and they refilled the rocket and it was ready to rescue the rusty wrestler. He was ready to take off in the rocket and his roommate gave him a reason to stay. To their relief, they had red relish rudabegas on rye bread waiting and were rapidly getting cold along the roadside.
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    The rabbit, raccoon and robot were racing the raven. When they were ready, they wrestled to the start line. A robin flew by and removed the rifle from the starting point and rounded up the randy ruffians. The robot wanted to runaway from all of them and faked them out by relaxing on a rusty roof. When he knew no one was looking, he began running to remove himself from the rainfall because he forgot his raincoat to see the rainbow. He ended up being the happiest of all.
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