TG Ellipse

  1. What is an Ellipse?
    Its an oval type shape

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  2. How many circles are used to make an ellipse
    It has 2 circles
  3. What set square do you use?
    30/60 degree set square

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  4. What are the two axis called?
    • The major and minor axis
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  5. What are the focal points?
    The focal points are two points that lie on the major axis. It is found by striking the major axis from the top of the minor axis.Image Upload 4
  6. What do you set your compass to?
    You set it to half the length of the majar axis.
  7. What do you do first?
    You draw the major and minor axes first.
  8. What do you do after drawing the major and minor axes?
    Draw the 60 and 30 degree lines
  9. What do you do after drawing the 60 and 30 degree lines?
    You have to draw a serious of lines parallel to the major axis from the points where the sector lines cut.
  10. What are the parts of a Ellipse?
    • The major axis
    • The minor axis
    • The focal points
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  11. What do you use to draw the ellipse?
    You use a pecil and join all points to draw a ellipse
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