Chapter 3 Government

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  1. Federalism
    A system of government in which power is divided by a written constitution between a central government and regional or subdivisional governments. Each level must have some domain in which its policies are dominant and some genuine constitutional guarantee of its authority.
  2. Unitary system
    A centralized governmental system in which local or subdivisional governments exercise only those powers given to them by the central government.
  3. Confederal system
    A system consisting of a league of independent states, each having essentially sovereign powers. The central government created by such a league has only limited powers over the states.
  4. Elastic Clause, or necessary and proper clause
    The clause in Article 1, section 8, that grants congress the power to do whatever is neccesary to execute its specifically delegated powers.
  5. Police Power
    The authority to legislate for the protection of the health, morals, safety, amd welfare of the people. In the United States, most police power is reserved to the states.
  6. Concurrent powers
    Powers held jointly by the national and state governments.
  7. Supremacy clause
    The constitutional provision that makes the constitution and federal laws superior to all conflicting state and local laws.
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