Chapter 3,4&5 Terms

  1. crime
    an offense against the public
  2. treason
    the levying of war against the U.S.
  3. felony
    a crime punishable by death or imprisonment
  4. misdemeanor
    a less serious crime
  5. white collar crime
    a term used to describe various crimes that typically do not involve force or violence
  6. embezzlement
    the wrongful taking of money
  7. defamation
    the harming of a persons reputation and good name by the communication of a false statement
  8. libel
    the spreading of damaging statements in written form
  9. slander
    the spreading of damaging words or ideas about a person,directly or indirectly
  10. negligence
    the failure to exercise necessary care to protect others from unreasonable risk of harm
  11. administrative agency
    a governmental body responsible for the control and supervision of a particular activity or area of public interest
  12. legislative branch
    the branch of a govt body that consists of elected representatives
  13. executive branch
    the branch of a govt body that consists of an elected executive, including his or her appointed staff
  14. judicial branch
    the branch of a govt body that determines if there have been violations of the law and interprets the law if there are questions about what the law means in particular situations
  15. administrative hearing
    a trial like judicial proceeding, without a jury
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